Van Helsing(S04E01) “Dark Destiny”

Welcome back ladies and gentleman we have made it! The Season 4 Premiere happened tonight and it was an amazing episode, the story has already opened to a really good start, I have a feeling every episode is going to be better than the last just like it’s been for all the seasons. So we have a lot to talk about and I think we need to get started, so let’s get to this review!

Okay so, in this episode we met some new faces, and got back to the story with our lovable and badass characters. I love that they wrote the episode so that it starts right where we left off in season 3, where we see our badass Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and ancestor badass Lilly (Julie Lynn Mortensen) fighting off Elder Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl). While fighting the toughest Elder yet, Sam got Vanessa at a weak point by trying to blind her, thank God she has that healing factor though so that the blinding was only temporary. But seriously though if Lilly didn’t know about that magic doorway I’m pretty sure we would’ve been seen Dracula (Tricia Helfer) rise by the first episode of the season but it didn’t happen, so it’s good to see they are playing it smart by working their way to slowly bring in the ancient dark one.

As for the family reunion, I’m sure a lot of people are sad to see Lilly Van Helsing be killed off so soon. But we also have to remember that this is and always has been Vanessa’s story and I can agree with the writers that they need to find ways even if they are heartbreaking to keep it as Vanessa’s story. Would it have been nice to see Lilly make it or Scarlett; which we will get to in a little bit; make it out alive at least until the Dark One had been released, sure but like I said before it’s Vanessa’s story, she’s the superhero of this story and like every superhero there has to be heartache and heartbreaking moments that we all cry about.

Now when Vanessa and Lilly returned to the maze/labyrinth I noticed a certain body was not there anymore but her clothes were? So did the ground swallow up Scarlett’s body and leave her clothes behind or did her body somehow transported into the blood gem or did she just wake up stripe off her clothes and is running around naked god knows where, okay that last one might be the humor talking to ease up the heartbreaking feelings we might still have over her possible demise.

Meanwhile, we had Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) and Julius (Aleks Paunovic) finally getting that fight we all have been anticipating and just as I had a feeling about this won’t be the only fight/battle Scab and Julius will have because even though it took Scab a long time to heal from that beating and grenade that was thrown at him he still seeks his revenge on Julius. Just as Julius is hoping for another day to release some more cans of whoop ass on Scab. But I have to admit from what I said last season and even in this season we see both Julius and Scab’s characters have improved throughout the seasons to make them into kind of a yin and yang of each other like we have Julius whose become a way amazing person and sees the light of everything; while Scab who was this cowardly bullied human turned vampire has become a character that sees nothing but the darkness and vengeance and because of that he’s evolved into this amazing dark character that a lot of people have come to love. But you see my point though about the yin-yang saying earlier.

And Doc/Sarah (Rukiya Bernard) her character is one of those characters that has come a long way from running away from the danger and leaving those who could’ve been saved to die to becoming this character that has come to care and love a lot of people and it has even made her into a better doctor in my opinion. But what will the Black Tech have Doc do research wise? It seems like they want her to continue what she was doing back in Denver but more advanced wither that happens or not it’s hard to say right now.

And then Black Tech, they dropped a little easter egg of a name out when the Board of the company was talking to Hansen (Neal McDonough) speaking about his “Frankenstein” experiments in the mountains which makes us wonder. What did they mean about that? Is it possible that the location that Jolene (Caroline Cave) and Paul/Flesh (Vincent Gale) were both being transported to that mountain site? And if so what will happen to them? Will we actually get a Frankenstein monster or was it just an easter egg and nothing more! Only way to find out is to keep watching!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S04E02) “Dark Ties” airs Friday October 4, 2019 at 10/9c on SYFY