Superstore (S05E01) “Cloud 9” Season Premiere

Superstore returns with a season premiere that was not the only hilarious but gave such a heartfelt reunion. Here’s a recap!

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The season premiere picks up with the Cloud 9 gang out having a vigil or Mateo after ICE detained him. A few months have past and Amy gives a staff meeting about how corporate wants to push the store into the digital age with a giant cleaning robot named Glen and many more.

As Amy gets Jonah to help program the robot; she deals with Cheyenne who hasn’t visited Mateo since he was taken away. There are signs like stopping a customer from buying a hair product or taking down the cleaning robot; but Amy finally gets Cheyenne to go see Mateo, which was literally a tearful reunion as they talked about who wore what and all.

Meanwhile, as everyone has had it with the robot, Amy and the gang choose to give the corporate love pet an accident all on its own: fall off the roof of the store. But seconds later after falling off the roof, the robot gets back up and comes back into the store. REAL FREAKY!!!

“Cloud 9” was such a good season opener. While the humor was all there, I was literally taken away with the story of Amy and Cheyenne; as the performance from both Nicole Bloom and America Ferrera in this episode. The moment that Cheyenne and Mateo meet tears just started streaming down my face. The writing was so solid. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.