Chicken Girls (S05E04) “Game Day”

“Game Day” features Ty’s return to the football field.  Is he ready? He’s feeling the pressure. Birdie, just happens to wander by and is empathetic.  You heard it here first; their wounds will bring them together. 

Overhead on the P.A. system; Jesse the Hawk is on the mic, promoting the game and gives a shout out to, “Hey Harmony” He’s  encouraging the sick at heart to drop her a line. 

Rhyme looking more miserable than usual, may be on the verge of asking  “Harmony” for advice.  She’s clearly upset and probably jealous of her cousin’s natural ability to make friends; including her sister! 

 Bigger problems for Robby are on the raise. Already complaining of being broke and financially strapped; he gambles!  Of course it’s on the game and well the outcome was predictable. $200!  All I can see is, Ellie on the attack…if he tells her!  Game Day is a big day for more than the football  players, it seems

20190930 053003 300x171 - Chicken Girls (S05E04) "Game Day"

And speaking of Ellie. she has an opportunity to join the debate team.  She’s naturally argumentative. She’ll soar! 

Later that day. Rhyme and her cousin, have a healthy sit down and talk. Rhyme speaks of her jealousy. Cousin assures her there’s nothing to worry about.  Truce.   

Finally.  Ty was tackled on a major play. Flat on his back; he moved, but didn’t get up.   

Chicken  Girls airs Tuesday’s 3p/Pacific on YouTube. ‘Yet available to binge at anytime!