Preacher (S04E10) “End of the World”

All good things must come to an end, and Preacher is no exception. The creators have methodically and expertly transferred the dark graphic novel into one hell of an adventure for viewers. No matter what you may think about this series, it’s something that will be remembered for years to come. I for one will miss the mayhem. (Spoilers Ahead)

Choices, choices, choices

Conflict and desperation are powerful motivators, especially when one’s life is on the line. These beloved characters have been through much, something has to go their way for once, right? Ending the show with a literal bang, well, that would be something, but I am glad that they didn’t take that way out. They fight and keep on fighting. There is so much more to live for.

preachers04e104 1024x504 - Preacher (S04E10) "End of the World"
Poor, sweet, Humperdoo. (Photo: Google)

The fear of change does something to people. When sworn enemies confide in one another and friends become worthy adversaries, you know that something’s got to give. With the clock run down to zero, it’s time for the last dance, but Humperdoo (Tyson Ritter) does not want to play his part. He is the missing piece, even if God (Mark Harelik) could end it all on his own, it’s all about the spectacle, the event, and free will.

Second chances are overrated

There are some great fight scenes in this final episode. It really cements the chaos and suffering each character has had to endure. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish), have their final spar, with a little help from Genesis’s doting parents. We are well aware of what God wants for all of these key players, but in the end, all that matters is what do they want? Death is final, but it comes with its perks as The Saint of Killers has come to realize. There is a method to the madness as Jesse listens to his death bed confessional, which cleanses William of all of his sins, where he gains access to heaven.

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The Saint of Killers, forever the badass. (Photo: IMDB)

While each personal battle commences, Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) is struggling with the new truths that present themselves. She has never been a “good” person, but she has found a place within the Grail when nothing else mattered. The Grail gave her hope and a purpose, but now that the Apocalypse is being upended, she takes her case to Herr Starr (Pip Torrens). He is the creator of much of this conflict, yet won’t die for his cause. Unfortunately, Herr is quicker on the draw, ending Featherstone’s torment once and for all.

preachers04e103 1024x768 - Preacher (S04E10) "End of the World"
Herr Starr always gets his way. (Photo: IMDB)

That brings us to the fate of the world. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) has been tasked with keeping Humperdoo alive, at all costs. He wants a second chance, but was that ever really an option for him? For once, he stands up for himself, hitting back when Tulip (Ruth Negga) uses her trademark excessive force. In the end, though, the show can not go on. It was heartbreaking but necessary, Humperdoo had to die, one way or another.

Running won’t save you (Unless You’re Herr Starr)

Knowing that he has been bested, God takes off running once more. Abandoning his precious cause. Jesse isn’t finished with him yet though, and The Grail must pay for their transgressions over the years. The power of Genesis is greater than anything they could’ve imagined, so he tasks the remaining Grail members with finding the big man. Jesse will have his vengeance and will get his answers.

preachers04e10 1024x768 - Preacher (S04E10) "End of the World"
Jesus prevails and finds his way. (Photo: IMDB)

Where is Jesus and Hitler (Noah Taylor) in all of this? Well, battling to the death, of course! Something I never thought I would see on a television show. Jesus turns out to be quite the fighter, and in his swift “mercy” he ends Hitler’s reign of terror, again. Jesus could be the messiah, but he doesn’t want to. He needs to find his own way at his own time. Which happens to be working behind the counter of a big named home improvement store, to each their own, I suppose.

Time has run out

Flash forward, and the end of the world is just a distant memory. Jesse and Tulip will never stop being their badass selves, but they have a family to think about now. A daughter. It seems like everything has finally come full circle for them, and it makes my heart happy to see them living their best lives. When God is finally found, at the Alamo of all places, the finality is cemented.

preachers04e106 - Preacher (S04E10) "End of the World"
Time is up. (Photo: Google)

Love has always been the reason behind the chaos, but that answer is not acceptable. Death, destruction and so much pain all because of love? That doesn’t take away what has happened, not in Jesse’s book. God is powerless against Genesis, and we see this as Jesse flexes his powers. The almighty isn’t so mighty, and Jesse finds it in himself to take a stand, using Genesis one last time, before releasing it. He will not return God’s love, not now, not ever.

God gets his rightful “reward” up in heaven, where the Saint of Killers has been waiting for him. I guess you can kill God.

A Life Well Lived

Don’t you worry about our dear Eugene (Ian Colletti), he has found his way in this world, his voice is more powerful than he ever thought. Rising above everything and everyone who held him down, proving that just because he is different doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a purpose on this earth. It’s a happy ending to such a tragic struggle.

preachers04e105 1024x764 - Preacher (S04E10) "End of the World"
It’s Cassidy’s’ turn for rest. (Photo: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

It is befitting that Jesse and Tulip have left the world of the living, together. Even though it was 40 years after the chaos, something tears at the heartstrings, especially when you see their daughter, who is everything her mother was, and more. A touching scene between Cassidy and their daughter ensues. He has been running from himself for all these years, now it’s time for him to find peace. The sunshine takes his life, sending him to a place he’s never been before. Cassidy has finally made his way back to them.

Closing Remarks

Preacher has pushed the envelope from day one, pissing off a boatload of people along the way. There are so many layers to this series, and the cast has been phenomenal. There is a void where Preacher once stood, and nothing will ever take its place. It has been a joy to watch this show over the years and it will be missed.

From now until the end of the world.


This was the series finale of Preacher.

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