The Good Place (S04E01) “Chapter 40: A Girl from Arizona, Pt. 1” Season Premiere

The season premiere of The Good Place was everything to the smell of donkey-butts to mouth-full of fleas. Here’s a recap!!!


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We pick up moments from the end of the season finale where Eleanor shows Chidi around The Good Place. There he’s jumping with excitement, but Eleanor is a bit disappointed by losing her true love in this experiment. As Eleanor returns to Michael’s office, everyone gives her a vote of confidence that this will work out for the best, even both Michael and Shawn gives them a pep talk, which was one of the highlights of the episode.

As Eleanor and Michael greet the next new residents, Linda, who happens to be a bore of the group that doesn’t see any excitement of being in The Good Place. Not to mention, Brent, who thinks that everything is too PC in the world. The gang tries to connect with one another to find out what makes them tick; but it’s not even coming close, not even Simone, who believes that not of this is real and acts like a total goofball.

Michael tries to convince Eleanor that it’s time to use Chidi to help, mainly with Simone. As soon as Eleanor introduce Simone to Chidi, it didn’t even work at all. So the next day, Eleanor and Michael get the flying seminar; but Linda wasn’t too thrilled, not even flying a couple of inches off the ground. Eleanor and Michael try to bond with her favorite things but she’s not bunging at all until she starts punching both of them in the nose and flies around ruining other’s flying time.

In fact, Linda is not who we all thought she is as she’s just a fraud in Shawn’s scam to ruin the experiment. The judge learns and punishes him, by putting Chidi in the experiment. But she also threatens Shawn if there’s a smell of his doing again that she’ll take out his eyelids and make him watch soldiers coming home greeting their dogs.

As the train comes, Bad Janet comes to pick up the fake Linda. Michael tries to tell her to tell Shawn “booyah!”

Meanwhile, Jason gets jealous with Derek coming back and forth; seeing that he’s trying to win her back with his dum affection. Trying to make truths to one another, Jason couldn’t take it and murders Derek with his killswitch button; which didn’t quite win over Janet as she’s been dealing with a billion things to do.

“A Girl from Arizona, Pt. 1” was such a good episode;  there were some surprises that weren’t huge but satisfying shocking.  And it was hilarious to watch the Judge go after Shawn for his antics once again. But I just loved how the characters between Eleanor and Michael were in this dynamic. You could see Eleanor trying to do two things at once as she’s trying to make this experiment work but also keeping Chidi far far away from Simone as well.  Also Jason and Derek fighting over Janet was just a nice balance making the episode funny and crazy. Strong writing and character development. I just wish that this was an hour premiere instead of a half-hour. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the season premiere? Do you think the experiment will work with Chidi now in the group? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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