Glitch (S03E02) “Quintessence”

There is something bigger going on in the world of Glitch. The world hasn’t been the same since The Risen arrived back to the land of the living. Their very existence has put everything at risk. Answers start revealing themselves and there is no going back. (Spoilers Ahead)

the motion of life

William (Rodger Corser) is mourning the loss of his beloved Elisha. There is nothing left for him in Yoorana now that she is gone, he must find his purpose. He is plagued by visions of events yet to pass, which leads him in the direction of his eventual awakening. Coincidences don’t exist in this world, everything is connected one way or another.

Each person has their part to play, and these strangers share their path withhold power over their thoughts and decisions. When William meets Millie ( Anna McGahan), after she almost runs him over, she becomes part of his story. The world is slowly imploding, ripping itself apart, and it’s because of him and the other risen, that life may soon cease as they know it.

glitchs03e024 - Glitch (S03E02) “Quintessence”
Life, time, it’s all going to end, eventually. (Photo: IMDB)

The unnatural state of affairs has disrupted the delicate balance of nature, causing a rift in time and space itself. Even though the intentions were never focused on destroying the world, that’s exactly what is happening. The insight that Millie brings, in a scientific perspective is enough to spur William’s long, lost memories. He’s been here before, there’s a reason he should be dead. Could he be the Harbinger himself?

Trust no one

From day one, there has been suspicion about Owen’s (Luke Arnold) true intentions. He seemed to arrive just when Kate (Emma Booth) needed it the most, and something about that has always been troubling. Things seemed too good to be true, and of course, the ugly truth finally comes out. Owen was using Kate all along, hoping that her blood would save his dying sister, Amy (Freya Stafford). Instead of just asking her, he attempts to kidnap her. So much for a fresh start.

glitchs03e025 - Glitch (S03E02) “Quintessence”
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Not in Glitch. (Photo: Google)

Kate knows that resistance is futile, especially when she is outnumbered. Her heart is big, and she genuinely cares, but the damage this has done to their “relationship” can not be repaired. After she does this for him, she is gone. Fair deal right? Too bad his “cohorts” had other ideas. A person of Kate’s caliber could fetch a killing from the Dark Web. She’s always been a fighter and manages to get away, with Owen’s help. Unfortunately, he won’t be making it out of this one, alive. She’s on her way back home, back to James (Patrick Brammell).

Back to the beginning

All signs point back to Yoorana, which is where William finds himself heading after his night in Melbourne. With a clear mind, he knows what he must do. James just so happens to be on his way back home as well, there is some unfinished business to attend to. The change is unsettling, but it is a necessary evil. It seems as though Sarah and Vick were right all along. Everyone who has come back must be put back down.

glitchs03e022 - Glitch (S03E02) “Quintessence”
He’s coming for them all. (Photo: Google)

It’s quite the conundrum, but now that James is able to see the way the others have, there is a purpose to the sinister acts ahead. William knows what must be done as well, and together they will put things right again. Moral standings are put on the back burner, for the fate of the world rests on what they do next. Now if only Noregard would let them be, there’s going to be one hell of a fight to the end.

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