Prodigal Son (S01E02) “Annihilator”

Even though this is only the second episode of Prodigal Son, it has definitely left an impact on viewers immersed in the show. The dark elements draw you in, unable to look away from the inevitable decline of Malcolm and his war within. (Spoilers Ahead)

You can’t escape your past

As night terrors reign supreme in Malcolm’s (Tom Payne) world, he is barely holding it together. Pieces of his troubled past begin to poke through the fog in his mind. Something happened to him when he was a boy, and it all leads back to Martin (Michael Sheen). He may be delusional sometimes, but the body in the box is something that isn’t part of his imagination. But will he really want that door unlocked? It may expose more than he bargained for.

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Can Malcolm handle the truth? (Photo: IMDB)

Murder and mayhem are a rightful distraction from an awkward family gathering. Jessica (Bellamy Young), who seems to mean well, is certainly hiding her own intentions from the rest of the world and her family. It was never really idyllic, but the image is everything. If people think you have it together on the outside, they’ll never suspect the evils lurking just beneath the surface, one of the reasons Martin got away with his death dealings for so long.

Onto the next case

A quadruple murder is just what the doctor ordered. It’s exactly what Malcolm needs to refocus his quarreling thoughts. This gives him a purpose, even though it may be unconventional. He is good at what he does, giving a much-needed perspective on the more gruesome crime scenes. When they find they are dealing with an Annihilator, they must do their due diligence to find the killer, before he ends his own life.

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“The Team” has their doubts. (Photo: IMDB)

There is unresolved friction in the newly formed “team”. JT (Frank Harts) and Dani (Aurora Perrineau) are still unsure of what to think about Malcolm, even when he saves Edrisa’s (Keiko Agena) life from a black mamba, just one of the perks of a twisted investigation. Just because his father is an infamous serial killer, doesn’t mean he is. It’s going to take time, but he may be just what they have been searching for. With Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) in his corner, they will come around eventually.

Family = love

Martin has decided to bombard his son with all of his love, adoration, and obsession with the latest murder. It’s endearing, in a psychotic way. There is a wealth of knowledge that resides in Martin’s mind, he has been there himself, dealing directly with his own demons. It’s a slippery slope, getting close to his father again. As Malcolm’s night terrors get worse, his sister, Ainsley (Halston Sage), warns that he needs to stay away for his own good and sanity. As we are now learning, Malcolm will do whatever he wants, when he wants to.

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There is no going back.. (Photo: IMDB)

Confronting his father doesn’t come easy, especially when he is the master of deceit. There is something he isn’t being told, about his “experience” when he was younger. A break-through in the case, thanks to his father, puts that on the back burner, but it’s something Malcolm won’t avoid for long. He needs answers, one way or another.

It’s all connected

All evidence paints the estranged son of killing his father and the rest of his family. Was hate the motivator? Or are they missing something, hiding in plain sight? When Malcolm falls to the hazards of the trade, being bit by a “small” poisonous snake, the clouds in his mind begin to part and the truth is just below the surface.

Love is the motivator, not hate. Someone wanted to be part of the deceased family, but he was never given the chance, being an illegitimate child after all. A big payout wasn’t enough to deter his misguided affections. When the estranged son turns up dead, they uncover the bigger picture. It’s a true race against the clock as the poison courses through the lawyer’s body and his innocent families. Good thing they are equipped for such circumstances, but it’s cut too close for comfort.

Monsters are Real

After a rightful celebration of a job well done, Malcolm is in no shape to get himself home in one piece. Luckily Dani is up for the challenge. It may seem like it’s leading into something, but instead, we face the sad reality that Malcolm really isn’t okay. There are certain “precautions” he has to take before he settles for the night. Restraining himself to the bed so his night terrors don’t take over, how’s that for a nightmare?

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The king of nightmares? (Photo: IMDB)

It seems as though Mommy and Daddy dearest are hiding something big from Malcolm, and not all is what it seems. He will find out the truth, even if it kills him.

You can catch a new episode of Prodigal Son, Monday, October 9 on FOX at 9/8c.

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