9-1-1 (S03E02) “Sink or Swim”

Wow! They really went out there with this episode!

911 recap - 9-1-1 (S03E02) "Sink or Swim"

As if the earthquake that happened last season wasn’t enough, 9-1-1 had to throw us an unimaginable tsunami this season!

I was fully aware that this show likes to go big but this episode really took me by surprise. My prediction was that this was going to focus a lot more on Buck and Christopher but no. At the same time that the tsunami was hitting Buck and Christopher, some other stuff was happening to all the remaining characters, and that was what this episode showed us – that a catastrophe doesn’t affect only the people that are face-to-face with it, but also everyone around them, mostly all the people that work in the jobs that this show focuses on.

Athena and her daughter get into a car crash that transforms in a huge pileup of cars (really, a mess) at the same time that the tsunami hits the pier. In a usual day this wouldn’t be “that bad”, but this time every firefighter is focusing on the people that were directly affected by the tsunami and they are trying to save those people. This forced Athena to rescue the people that were in the car crash, since first responders weren’t available. But they weren’t the only ones that had to deal with the chaos, Maddie too.

The 911 operation center was also a mess. Maddie not only is faced with a ton of people that don’t get rescued but also she’s assigned to help everyone that might need help as well as try and see if all the other 911 operators are mentally well.

Of course, we can’t forget the main crew, who are obviously dealing with all the people that are in the tsunami area. They all face some pretty extreme challenges and when the episode is almost ending and they are faced with the pier all flooded, that’s when it hit me hard. At that point everything seemed pretty bad, sure, but all our main characters where “fine” and it looked like it was ending but… No. The episode was indeed ending, and ending, once again, with a bang.

After all the work that Buck put in to keep Christopher safe, another wave is about to hit. Christopher falls into the water and goes missing. And that’s it folks, that’s how the episode ends.

Once again I can’t wait for next week!

But, before I end the review I would like to mention something that I read this week. The title of an article that said “9-1-1 scarier than American Horror Story” – and that’s totally true. I’m not here to compare the two shows because they’re nothing alike, but you expect something that is Horror to scare you when, in fact, a show like 9-1-1 that deals with real life horror is far more scarier than AHS, and that showed in this episode.

Let us know all your thoughts on the episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, October 7 at 8/7c on FOX.