Bull (S04E02) “Fantastica Voyage”

“Fantastica Voyage” is about the journey we take, knowingly or unbeknownst to us; when we ride the rails of imagination, embellishment,  metaphors,  parables ,”what if” or the many ways of  talking,  to get our story across.  It’s a sale and a means of making a product or point, more attractive for purchase. Be it animal, vegetable,  mineral or…self!  Yet lying for profit is a crime, it’s fraud.

And this is the case against Whitney Holland  (Liz Alderfer)  She believes, she can provide the world with water through desalination.  Yet her R&D,  (Keith Reddin) no longer a believer, quits and turns her in to the feds.  She goes to TAC.

Like last week’s ” Labor Days” the episode starts out, with a promise of all good. Yet unlike last week, it actually was…”all good” from beginning to end. 

It was the kind of episode of old. “Is a hotdog a sandwich”? For it begs so many questions, ya’actually had to think about it. When is a lie fraud?  Are all untruths, lies?  Is the truth Absolute?  What’s a story if not a lie?  One of my favorite movies. “Big Fish” comes to mind. How much of a story is the truth? If it’s kinda’ true, is it still a lie? I had so many questions; I loved it! 

I particularly liked the removal of Bull’s “makeup”  His eyeglasses are non prescription!  Is it fair to call Bull a liar or is he just wearing “make up” and something making him a better buy? 

Furthermore, the predictable win-win was not the case. We had another mistrial.  Bull is no longer. “Perry Mason”  This is a good thing.  Putting, the season opener behind us, this may prove to be a very good season, if we keep this up.  “I hope”