Fresh Off The Boat (S06E01) “Help Unwanted” Season Premiere

It’s that time when a boy becomes a man, will Evan get “the talk” from Louis and Eddie or not? Plus Jessica and Honey’s friendship is put to the test when it comes to helping each other. Here’s a recap of the season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat.

fresh off the boat episode 601 help unwanted season premiere promotional photo 05 595 - Fresh Off The Boat (S06E01) "Help Unwanted" Season Premiere

When watching the 1999 Women’s World Cup USA beating China, Evan reacts to Brandi Chastain as she took off her jersey in celebration and runs to his room. The next morning after Louis shows the newspaper of the World Cup game with Chastain on the front page, Evan starts running back to his room. Eddie tells Louis that Evan has got the tinkle for Chastain; which has Louis ready to give the talk.

As Louis prepares to give ‘the talk” to Evan, Eddie thinks that he should rethink his approach. As Louis acts cool with props, one looks at Evan and he ran back to Eddie for help. Just as Eddie was about to do it, he ran back too.  The two try to figure out a way even gets Louis’ mother involved as well. But in the end, Evan already knew about “the tinkle” when he researched it in the library.

Meanwhile, when Jessica helps Honey how to get her oldest baby to eat; she returns the favor by helping Emery to choose an elective at school: drama. That pretty much upset Jessica and the two battled to help each other from Jessica given Honey’s child legos to Honey given Jessica’s mother-in-law a blow horn. It all stopped when they ripped Emery’s arm sleeves for his play; but after hearing from Louis, Jessica confronts Honey and ask for help.

“Help Unwanted” was a very good and solid season premiere. The writing was solid with good character development; even humorist moments from Eddie and Louis discussing how to give ‘the talk” to Evan. And not to mention Jessica and Honey battling it out with their helping for one another was so good. I couldn’t stop laughing when Honey brought Marvin to Jessica’s house and had him play his trumpet to wake both her and Eddie up.  And given the fact that I wasn’t expecting another season after the season five finale, this was literally icing on the cake. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Fridays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.