Mr. Mercedes(S03E04) “Trial and Terror”

Hey guys and gals we have another great episode to talk about in this review and it was crazy good. Literally crazy good but we will definitely be talking about Lou since this was step one to her trial. We will also be talking about a lot of other things that I noticed in the episode. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we saw the beginning of Lou’s (Breeda Wool) trial and truth be told she didn’t look good. I’ve always said before in our reviews how our lovable Lou needs all the support she needs well now I might say that she needs all the help she can get. Because not only are the lawyers going to get into Lou’s story on why she killed Brady but also get into the minds of all the people who knew her and knew her relations with Brady to try to understand more in why and stop seeing her possibly as a victim. If that makes sense; but I feel like if Roland (Brett Gelman) does do what Lou recommended by putting Holly (Justine Lupe) on the stand not only will it possibly back fire but it could turn bad for Holly as well.

Let me explain, what I mean by possibly being bad for Holly is that if the District Attorney asks a question by twisting the truth in their favor against Holly it might be overwhelming to her to make her have a not so good day if you understand what I mean. But I also understand why Lou wants Holly to testify; and it’s true she is likable, she’s friendly, and a good friend to Lou so of course Holly would defend hers and Lou’s actions against Brady in court but it could go badly too, we will have to wait and find out.

So now let’s get to Morris’s (Gabriel Ebert) part, so we see that it was because of Ida (Holland Taylor) who got Morris as a fan of Rothstein’s work which just shows how much of a caring heart Ida truly had and still has for her students. But it’s because of that book ‘The Runner’ that got Morris hooked onto the books and at first he saw poor little Peter (Rarmian Newton) as someone who stole from a con man and wanted what belongs to him. But after he saw Peter being a fan of the authors work too, that’s when he couldn’t bring himself to be a guy who breaks into a fans house. Which just proves Morris does have a heart, and does care.

But on the other hand, Alma (Kate Mulgrew) doesn’t give one rats ass about whose a fan, she just wants those manuscripts and money that Morris stole from Rothstein and will hurt anyone who gets in her way. Like Danielle, she gone and goofed by using her name in past tense already. And you can tell that Morris is suspicious of Alma already by doing something to poor Danielle. The real question is, who is the real mastermind and murderer, Morris? Or Alma? You decide.

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