Batwoman premieres


Kate Kane, daughter of Gotham royalty. Her father is Jacob Kane, who runs a private security force tasked with protecting Gotham after the mysterious disappearance, three years earlier, of Batman. Coincidentally, billionaire Bruce Wayne also disappeared three years earlier. Wayne was Kate’s beloved cousin and a key part of her support system after the death of her mother and sister, a tragedy that Kate partially blames on Batman’s inability to save them.

Kate dreams of becoming a part of The Crows, her father’s armed militia, but she had to drop out of training academy over her relationship with Meagan Tandy’s Sophie. While Kate left town to train on her own, Sophie denied her sexuality, became a Crow and almost a surrogate daughter to Jacob.

As Kate returns to Gotham, the city is being terrorized by the maniacal Alice, leader of the nefarious Wonderland Gang and fledgling crime lord bent on bringing down The Crows. Alice has a very specific vendetta against the city and against Jacob.

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