Chicken Girls (S05E05) “Pinky Promise”

The “Pinky Promise”  is a special handshake  of the Chicken Girls. It’s like the “Pinky Swear” – but way cool.  It has moves! 

Although not a Chicken Girl, Astrid is teaching it to Harmony.   Rhyme joins in.  It’s an easy light opening, considering what follows.   

Because, we’re back to the teen drama; It’s much different than what we’ve seen in the past few weeks.  We’re seeing, once again, the troubles, cares and woes of growing up.  Some call it, “pains”  It’s when ya’think the world is going to end…but it doesn’t.

First, there’s Quinn. She’s still spinning about Hamilton.  Rooney is sick over Stephanie and Rhyme is beginning to warm up to Astrid.  She shys  away from Wes, thinking she knows how Astrid is feeling . Astrid does likewise for the same reason.  Cousin love.

On the plus,  Jesse “The Hawk” is becoming a friend to Rhyme  it’s obvious he’s crushing.  Sweet 

 In dire straits is Robbie. He’s unable  to reach his mom and he is unable to get Ellie’s  full attention.  She’s absorbed in her debates.  No time! She promises to, “get back with him” 

In the meantime,  Robbie’s approached by Johnny. (Blaine Maye) “Give me my money” or…  

Screenshot 2019 10 03 04 08 51 1 300x162 - Chicken Girls (S05E05) "Pinky Promise"

 Johnny’s  a “Roach”  he has a jacket to prove it!  What Robbie does to pay his debt will surely bite him next week.  Desperate. 

Ty is in the dumps, thinking he blew the game last week. ‘Still waiting for the wounded Birdie and Ty to comfort each other.   I’m certain, that’s coming soon. 

Chicken Girls, new episodes air 3p/Pacific Tuesday on YouTube.  You can binge anytime.