Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E07)

This is the recap of the seventh episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This post is dark and full of spoilers.

It is the grand finale of Vinny’s strip show!


Uncle Nino struts on stage wearing a speedo and the visual is as bad or awesome as you expect. Pauly D. remains the prank war champion.

uncle nino speedo 300x173 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E07)

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew head to a female strip club to balance the scales since they were previously at a male strip club. However, Ronnie retires to the hotel room so he can maintain his sobriety.

Smart move, Ronnie

Hypocritical Jenni

In what may be the most hypocritical move in show history, Jenni invites Ronnie’s baby mama, Jenn, out with them. Everyone agrees this is not the smartest of ideas.

Jenn arrives and gives the girls the scoop about their latest drama. According to her, Ronnie has been ghosting her and when he does contact her, it is to emotionally abuse her. Pauly D. is not supportive of Jenn being out with them and invokes bro code to text him and tell Ronnie that Jenn is with them. Soon after, Pauly leaves to travel to a gig, which is a wise decision.

Possible Ronpage

Ronnie is understandably upset and begins texting Jenn. The girls are stumped as to who told Ronnie that Jenn was with them.

Really? Did they not know Vinny and Pauly were also there? Please remind me to never hire them as private investigators.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation roomies travel back to the room expecting a full blown Ronpage. But in a plot-twist, Ronnie has disappeared.

While discussing the night’s activities, Jenni explains her reasoning for inviting Jenn out. She claims she just wanted Ronnie to be honest about his relationship.

Wait one minute, Jenni. Weren’t you the one asking people to respect your privacy during your divorce and giving vague answers to direct questions? This hypocritical behavior is disgusting.

Ronnie returns clear-headed and looking good. The roommates have a group discussion and squash their differences.


They eagerly await the arrival of Jenni’s boyfriend, who they affectionately call 24.  They discuss their exploits during their early twenties and Angelina announces she took a dump behind a bar.

Um, ew.

24 arrives and he is taking all their roasting rather well. He is fitting right in. Uncle Nino and Paola enter the room to say goodbye before they leave and Uncle Nino refers to 24 as Roger.


Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on MTV.