Grey’s Anatomy (S016E02) “Back In The Saddle”

greys s16 ep2 300x200 - Grey's Anatomy (S016E02) "Back In The Saddle"
Greys Anatomy/ ABC

This weeks episode is a straight follow up of last weeks strong premiere of season 16, and although i did not find this week as equally strong it still had very good comedic and nostalgic elements to it.

The highlight of this episode has to be the one and only Miranda bailey (Chandra Wilson), despite the fact i am gutted that Bailey lost her chief position which she has always deserved, to the extremely dull Tom Korasick (Greg German). It was great to see Bailey mentoring the interns again and felt just like old and original Grey’s again. Especially seeing Bailey acting like her sassy, stern and hilarious self again. As enjoyable as it is to see this side of Bailey again, I hope it wont be too long until she returns to her rightfully earned position as Chief. As i am bored of Tom already, especially this painful rivalry with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), although i do not blame him for his restraining order against Owen as i too would want him as far away from me as possible.

It was also so amazing to see Jo (Camilla Luddington) return to work and see how well she is doing. As flawless as Luddington’s performance has been whilst Jo has been struggling with her mental health, its so nice to see Jo happy again and its a great message to the audience by showing that no matter how low you go you can always get bette and get your life back on track.

On the topic of important messages Greys once again managed to shine a light on issues going on in the real world, as they revisited the subject of medical insure in the Unite States. As Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) realised whilst on her community service how big the issue is and the amount of people that are suffering because their insurance does not cover their medical bills. My opinion on Meredith changes a lot throughout the seasons, however lately the character has earned a lot of respect from. First when she helped the family seeking asylum with their medical bills and insurance last season, and in this weeks episode where she made the decision to write a book on he issue.

Last but no means least we had Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) dealing with her recent pregnancy news, which involved telling the father of the baby Link (Chris Carmack). She later opened up about her baby Christopher who died at birth due to having no brain, those of us that watched Private Practice know how much of an emotional moment that was and it was another reminder of how much Amelia has suffered through. Despite me previously saying that Amelia and Link were put together too quickly (which is a part of me still agrees with) and there will always be a part of me that is rooting for her to get with a woman (if you think i’m going to get over her bisexual confirmation in last weeks episode you are wrong). It was so nice to see how supportive Link was with Amelia and he was so willing to stand by her with whatever decision she made. This was so refreshing to witness after the hell Owen put her through, especially when it came to Amelia’s uncertainty of not wanting kids. At the end of the episode we saw that Amelia made the decision to keep the child, and i have to say I am incredibly excited to see this storyline progress as Amelia truly deserves this happiness in her life.