Black Lightning(S03E01) “The Book of Occupation:Chapter One: The Birth of Blackbird”

Welcome back ladies and gentleman we have a great start to the new season of Black Lightning and it was a really good start with intensity, crisis happening, and so much more. So let’s get to this review!

Okay so in this episode we find Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and a handful of other metas that were counted as pod kids be held for thirty days in a black site facility for the government to understand what kind of abilities they are dealing with for these individuals. But that’s not all within just one month since the imprisonment of Tobias (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) the Markovians have come to freeland to get as many super powered aka meta humans as possible. They’ve captured and trained many already to fight for them and have turned Freeland into a battlefield.

With this crisis happening, everyone wonders if Black Lightning will ever return or if he will not. But until the enemy can be identified and taken out no one of the Pierce Family is safe. The citizens have to take the rules of the city by Commander Carson Williams (Christopher Duncan) who seems to be one force to not be reckoned with. Wither Commander Williams really does have abilities like how Anissa/Thunder/Blackbird (Nafessa Williams) claims she witnessed its hard to say because abilities can also be manipulated through weapons. I mean it’s the government, they have all the fun experimental toys to try out. But even if it is abilities that Williams has, I would love to see Commander Williams and Jefferson/Black Lightning throw down a fight or something to see whose better. But it might never happen.

My curiosity is already spiking for Grace (Chantal Thuy) like I understand why she’s running and trying not to be detected but I feel like Anissa needs to find Grace and they need to finally stop being so secretive towards each other and be honest and have a superhero relationship like they did in the comics. But I’m also curious, like with Grace taking so many forms, will she be able to eventually find the right form to take when she is around Anissa? Or will her body be so confused it will morph all the shapes into one unique shape like example, she morphed into a either Leopard or Jaguar in today’s episode and quickly morphed back to human after she was done with killing the bad guys, would her body somehow take the big cats spots and morph her into a super buffed human body and somehow Anissa digs the look and that’s how she stays from now on? Truth be told anything can happen I’m just throwing out some creative ideas.

So even though I’ve never liked Agent Ordell (Bill Duke) and probably never will like this guy. He’s just too much of a douche bag and too much of a lone wolf kind of crusade he always seems to be on. But my question is, do you think he’s right though about Jefferson and Lynn (Christine Adams) being more safe in his custody or do you think they would be more better off without him? I honestly feel like they would have a better relationship with him if Ordell would just trust Jefferson to be able to be out and about every now and then instead of making him feel like a prisoner. But that’s my opinion.

It will be interesting when they get closer to the crossover I feel like but we got ways to go before that happens. So until then we just gotta take one episode at a time.

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S03E02) “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two” airs Monday October 14, 2019 at 10/9c on The CW