9-1-1 (S03E03) “The Searchers”

This was heartbreaking!

If you thought 9-1-1 couldn’t get better and more stressful, you where wrong. This season is proving that they aren’t afraid to really get deep and get crazy with the events that take place in the series. I believe now we are going to get back to more ‘simple injuries’ but this was an hell of a start of the season.

911 recap 1 - 9-1-1 (S03E03) "The Searchers"

Although it was what we were most ‘excited’ about, this episode didn’t focus as much on Buck and Christopher. It does start with Buck looking for Christopher but it quickly gets into all sorts of other events.

We see a pretty heartbreaking story of a couple that went to the Ferris-wheel to ‘seal’ their divorce and end up stuck there. I actually thought they were going to stay together after the events, but they go through with the divorce right when the husband is getting rescued.

Following that, we follow the story of a fire-fighter lady who got away from the rest of her crew. After finding out that basically everyone was fine, she wants to go look for the only one that they don’t know the whereabouts – the captain. This leads us to the next story-line.

Just as the fire-fighters are looking for injured people, the cops in the city have to look for burglars or other types of criminals that take advantages of this disasters to rob peoples houses. Athena has a pretty funny encounter with two guys. They sure look like are robbing peoples houses but, turns out, they are just rescuing animals that are left behind. After letting it slide, that’s when she finds someone under a bunch of debris. And that person is none other than the captain that the fire-fighter lady was looking for. Unfortunately, Athena is faces with a pretty difficult task – amputate the captain’s arm. She does it anyway though, but it was something difficult not only for her, but also difficult to watch.

There’s all sorts of things happening in this episode, as you can imagine but, in the end, they get back to what really mattered to us – Christopher and Buck.

Buck is loosing his mind because he looked everywhere and he just couldn’t find Christopher. Realizing that, he calls Maddie and tells her that they were at the pier when it all happened. To this point, everyone thought Buck was at home, with Christopher, so it was a shock. He also tells her that, after all the effort, he lost Christopher. He then sees that Eddie is in the hospital that he’s in and he just doesn’t know what to do. When he does decide to tell Eddie that’s when a lady arrives with him. It was a truly beautiful moment, as well as Buck’s ending narration.

Eddie doesn’t old any grudges or anything and even takes Christopher to stay with Buck once again.  I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t help but think if Eddie would feel the same way if something had happened to Christopher. You know, people are fine with everything ends well, but if it didn’t?! I know it doesn’t really matter, but it kept me thinking.

Well, as I said before, I believe now we are going to have a few more casual episodes but, who knows?! Maybe Christopher and Buck go to the zoo, as Eddie suggested, and something happens there? It would be kind of funny, to be honest.

Anyway, let us know all your thoughts on the episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, October 15 at 8/7c on FOX.