Bull (S04E03) “Rectify”

In “Rectify”, Benny attempts to right a wrong. With Chunk in 2nd chair, this is his story.

We begin in an inner city laundromat, where illegal drugs are sold. 

The year is 2003. There is a brief confrontation about “turf and territory”  between Marcus Lott (Quincy Giles ) and  a young Eddie Mitchell  (Nile Bullock)  They square off.  But Eddie is punked, when his Glock is found to be unloaded! He walks away. Embarrassed.

Later,  Marcus and a young woman are found dead in the same location. The young woman is Karla Angel. She’s pregnant.   Eddie Mitchell is arrested for murder, 3 counts. 

Today,  17 years later, Chunk goes to see an incarcerated, Eddie (Malcolm Goodwin)  He represents the University’s  Legal  Aid clinic.  He is responding to Eddie’s inquiry. 

Eddie thinks there may be police corruption in his case.  A frame up.  He maintains his innocence.  Yet this time, he may have the proof.   He has Chunk’s  attention. 

In question is Heather Bent, a local prostitute and a cop, Detective Valerie Cobb (Christina Shea-Wright)  In  5 cases, similar  to Eddie’s, Heather’s the eye witness; Val gets the collar.  A new trial is ordered. Chunk is the 2nd  chair. 

But Benny was in Eddie’s  original case.  He was 2nd chair. The evidence was solid and  he still feels Eddie  is guilty! Chunk has been hoodwinked!

However, Benny changes his mind, after sitting in a bar with Valerie, the aforementioned detective. 

Val is arrogant with an attitude of “so what” Heather is dead and “prove it” In that moment, Benny had a Revelation, seeing clearly, what happened. “Oh Valerie” 

Thereafter,  Benny goes to see Chunk. He apologizes.  Yes. Eddie was sold out and set up.  Now, Benny wants to lead the defense.  Redemption

This is an historical move.  Benny has to see the judge.  According to ‘the rule”  there is a clause to rectify…with strict provisions. Heather is dead and a “no, no” She cannot be mentioned. With one hand tied behind his back, he accepts. Redemption!

Meanwhile, back on the other side of TAC, Marissa sees a therapist. She’s alone.  Her husband,  (who now knows of her lie by omission) is  distant. She’s unaware,  that her sweet lie has gone wrong. He wont even touch her! 

Back to Benny’s Redemption and the case of corruption and murder.  Well It was and it …wasn’t!  The twist in this  story is brilliant! It is one of the best, “who done it”
and a  tale of  “baby daddy”ever!  “I never saw it coming” Heavenly! A must see to appreciate. 

So congratulations  to the TAC ladies for turning this around.  Benny needed another suspect and they got it. The evidence  and suspect was there, in plain site; all the time.

Congratulations  to Eddie!  You now have,  $3700 earned during incarceration  and the right to sue for wrongful imprisonment; millions!  But right now, he just wants to go for a walk. 

Congratulations Benny; Redeemed!

On a lighter close, Bull got high end, ear buds; Izzy snores. Rest Well!   

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