Nancy Drew premieres

This reboot is much darker than previous iterations: Dark reimaginings of the squeakiest of clean, youth-oriented stories.

This time around Nancy’s a bit older⁠—a high school graduate—and grappling with intense issues. Nancy, now 18 years old and in a bad place in her life following the death of her mom. That tragedy leads to Nancy giving up her hobby of being a teen detective, as well as her focus on her school work—so when we meet Nancy a year later, she’s a townie still living at home with her father Carter Drew, having meaningless sex with a mechanic named Ned “Nick” Nickerson, and working as a waitress as a local diner called The Claw.

The Claw is where we meet the other characters that Nancy is stuck with by circumstance who are all brought together once they become suspects in the murder of Tiffany Hudson, wife of Horsehoe Bay’s shady rich summer resident, Ryan Hudson.

New on The CW.