All Rise (S01E02) “Long Day’s Journey Into ICE”

As one lawyer gets personal, Judge Carmichael gets a tough trial as a man could face deportation from ICE. Here’s a recap!

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As Callan tries to convict a young woman but her rich father buys out the witness and the judge grants a mistrial. Callan uses his daddy issues to help that young woman to face her father and making him pay for getting away.

Meanwhile, Judge Carmichael takes on a trial that gets ICE involved in the situation. Trying not only to stop ICE from taking the defendant but also trying to get him a sentence that doesn’t have to deal with losing immigration status, but soon Lopez finds away as she brings in evidence that her client was trying to prove that their local store is selling expired food and soon after Carmichael gives the guy three months in jail, which doesn’t hurt his immigration status and doesn’t have to deal with ICE.

“Long Day’s Journey into ICE” was a very good episode that wasn’t an over the top dramedy type of an episode but a good one with a satisfying result. Well written story plots and good character development as well that both Simone Missick, Wilson Bethel, and Jessica Camacho gave good performances.  Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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