Chicken Girls (S05E06) “The Trenches”

This week, In the Trenches;  that long narrow ditch, in the ground, is Robbie for sure. I’m reminded of his inevitable write out from the show every week; waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s “The Chicken Girls” Males do not  last. 

So it looks like Robbie will go the way of, T.K, Spike, Tim, Drake, Ezra …and “to whom it may concern”  By stealing money to pay off a gambling debt; well… Yet I am grateful we get to know what happened to him.  I miss him already. Ellie kicks him out of the house.  Evicted  

 In other news, Rhyme backs away from her latest crush, Wes, so that her cousin can go for it.   Astrid confesses, she’s smitten. 

Stephanie cries on Rooney’s shoulder.  Birdie, probably realizing what’s keeping her friend preoccupied, watches and walks away.  Jesse, the  Hawk, dances.   

 I must say, aforementioned. I miss the guys.  They seem to give a balance to the stories.  Yet it is inevitable and yet understood that the focus is ultimately 

“The Chicken Girls”. And although the guys add much needed flavor to the stories, they are expendable.   And so we wait for “the other shoe to drop ”  on Wes, Ty and even Jesse.  Enjoy my guys while you can.

In the meantime,  I can wait, barely, to see the budding triangles of, Astrid, Wes and Rhyme. Wes, Rhyme and Jesse and my favorite ” coming  attraction ” Birdie, Ty and Luna!  Oh yeah.  you know it’s  coming !   Coming up the side is Rooney, Stephanie and Glen. There is so much pain and longing here, it’s painful to watch. Well done, ladies! 

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