Riverdale (S04E01) ‘Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memorium’

Hello, Riverdale fans!

It’s been a long time, but I am back! I am super excited to review this episode. It has all the feels, so grab a box of tissues and let’s get into the review.

The calm before the storm

The show opens with Jughead (Cole Sprouse) writing and giving us viewers updates about life in Riverdale. Since the end of Season 3, things have been rather quiet and uneventful. The town is even planning a 4th of July Parade. Naturally, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) is offended by this, mostly because of what had happened to her twin brother Jason three years ago. She confronts the gang about it and is essentially told that the parade is happening. She storms off in a huff.

At Pop’s, the gang makes plans to go camping. Archie (KJ Apa) gets a phone call that will forever change his life.

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Archie in shock as he receives grave news. Jughead and Veronica try to comfort him. Photo courtesy of Google.

Archie’s father Fed Andrews (played by the late Luke Perry) was killed in a car accident. A hit-and-run. Both Archie and his mother Mary (Molly Ringwald) are numb with shock. They start planning the funeral, which can’t be held until after the 4th because they have to transfer the body back to Riverdale. The gang gathers together and reminisces about the good times with Fred.

let’s bring him home

Archie is grieving. Later on in bed, he has a dream. He hears noises and goes downstairs to investigate. He sees his deceased grandfather. Everyone is waiting for Archie and Fred. Archie has to go get him. Archie wakes up with a purpose: to get his father’s body and bring him home.

The gang goes with him, and they drive to the town where the accident happened. Archie and Veronica (Camilla Mendes) visit the police station and get directions to the crash site. Afterward, the gang goes to the funeral home, where they are told it is not possible for them to take Fred. Archie phones his mother, who speaks with the funeral director. Archie wants to go see his father but finds he does not have the strength to do so. Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica go to identify the body.

He died a hero

Back in Riverdale, Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Cheryl visit with Mary. They offer their condolences, and Cheryl says she has a plan. The gang has converged at the accident site. Archie gets into his father’s truck. Someone comes by with flowers. It’s the lady who was stranded out there on the day of Fred’s death. He had stopped to help her when no one else would. Fred died when he pushed her away from the oncoming car and took the impact himself.

They all say the Lord’s Prayer

the power of community

Later, Archie receives a call from FP (Skeet Ulrich). The person who had killed Fred turned himself in and was put on bail. Archie goes into vigilante mode and pays a visit to the man’s house. After basically threatening his life, Archie finds out it was his teenage son who was driving the car. He didn’t even have his license, so his father admitted to the crime in order to protect him. This news calms the rage in Archie.

The gang finds him sometime later, worried about him. Archie tells them what has transpired. He becomes very depressed and starts lamenting his life choices. Veronica talks with him and is able to offer some comfort. They return home with Fred’s body. Just before they drive into Riverdale, FP offers a police escort through town. The whole town has come out to offer their support and love.

a final goodbye

Fast forward to the funeral. Archie delivers a beautiful, heartwarming eulogy. Veronica finds out that her father paid for the funeral. Afterward, Betty visits her father’s grave, which has writing on it about the Black Hood. Jughead writes the memorium, and it is published in the town’s newspaper. Everyone reads it. In the evening, everyone gathers together for a small fireworks show in Archie’s backyard. Archie vows to honor his father everyday.

riverdale season 4 photos 3 - Riverdale (S04E01) 'Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memorium'
 The gang gathers together for fireworks. Photo courtesy of Google.

The episode closes with Archie in the garage with his jalopy, sobbing as memories of his father wash over him.


Ok, guys, I gotta say that this is probably the best episode of Riverdale in the series so far. It was so beautiful and moving, the perfect tribute to Luke Perry.

There were many times I teared up watching this episode. It was just a great episode overall. I only really have one question. When everyone is reading Jughead’s memorium, we see a shot of Alice reading the paper. Didn’t she ‘ascend’ from the farm months ago? I hope we find answers to the questions left behind at the end of season three soon.

Thanks for reading my review!

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