Van Helsing(S04E03) “Love Less”

Alright ladies and gentleman we have another great episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one. We found out a bit more about Jack which we will get to that in a little bit, we also have a hint at a possible team up happening soon, and we see Axel in a dark place which we’ll talk more about soon too. So let’s get to this review!

So as we all saw Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) is still broken up about what happened to Scarlett. Which I understand we are all human we all have our own time that we grieve and eventually get over it but for Axel it hasn’t happened that long ago probably like what a couple days ago or something like that. So he’s still in the grieving state and will be for a long time probably. But along his lone wolf journey he meets a dick named Max (Richard Harmon) who seems like an okay guy at first until we see he’s the warden to that hell hole of a prison. Then he goes back to being the dick but we all have our own opinions. Now I like that Axel has a new buddy in the apocalypse but do we all think it’s going to last? I mean Axel saw that Max has Jolene (Caroline Cave) and Phil/Flesh (Vincent Gale) prisoner. I mean do we really think he’s going to let that go or do you think Axel is going to find a way to rescue his old buddies out from this jam? I honestly think he’s going to save them but it’s hard to say at the same time.

On another note we saw Chad (Donny Lucas) and Jack (Nicole Munoz) creating a plan to get more supplies when things go sideways. It’s the apocalypse things are supposed to go sideways, vertical, and be flipped around like a freshly made pancake. Tabby (Cassidy Nugent) who was supposed to stay hiding went out to look for Chad, but one thing that Chad and everyone else doesn’t know is once Vanessa (Kelly Overton) changes the vampires back to humans they can’t be changed back or as far as we know they can’t. But they didn’t know that and Jack swooped in to try to be a superhero in Tabby’s eyes by saving her only to get bit by the vampire.

But instead of turning like everyone else we find another Van Helsing! But wait, Jack had her head cut off, does that mean that because she grew a whole new body that there’s two Jack’s now? Wouldn’t that be a plot twist? But I did notice that once Chad said Vanessa’s name, Jack had an immediate reaction which means Jack really is Vanessa’s sister because Scarlett had the same reaction from what I recall especially when Scarlett first started finding out about her powers. Which brings us to another question, how many kids did Vanessa and Scarlett’s mother actually have? Was she just this huge baby factory for that scientists guy? Seriously I think we need some answers, I think Jack needs some answers. Find Vanessa, Jack and become the new Van Helsing sister team up.

But of course we are all happy Phil finally found his wife (Holly Elissa) but if her plan is to kill him, then she’s gonna have fun with that since the poor guy can never die ever or so we think.

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S04E04) “Broken Promises” airs Friday October 18,2019 at 10/9c on Syfy