All Rise (S01E03) “Sweet Bird of Truth”

With two friends on trial for a video game to the bailiff being mistaken for another person; here’s a recap of this week’s episode of All Rise.


115435 1203b - All Rise (S01E03) "Sweet Bird of Truth"


When Carmichael takes a trial of two friends over a video game, things take what at first is a comedic turn and then just turn to a heartfelt moment. As one friend is suing her best friend for killing her avatar in Warcraft type video game. After a heart to heart talk with one another, the friend takes a plea.

Callan takes a shot at the case of a woman suing a man for racial and attempting to kill her at her work. Whether it might not be a slam dunk of a case, Callan takes it from his boss and after trying to get his client to court, he got the judge to find the dude guilty.

It just wasn’t Deputy Sheriff Luke Walkins as he was picked up by the LAPD; as they thought he was vandalism suspect. After letting him go and apologies, it affects Walkins for the rest of the week until his award night. As he gives his acceptance speech, Walkins talks about how we should reflect on the things in this world so they could make it better, even looking at the cop that arrested him.

“Seet Bird of Truth” might be my favorite episode so far this season. It had fun but also heartfelt moments that really won me over. The performances from the cast were very good and mainly from J. Alex Brinson as Walkins and even Bethel too. The episode had very good story plots and character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch All Rise Mondays at 9/8 on CBS.