Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E08)

This is the recap of the eighth episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This post is dark and full of spoilers.

This was a drama filled episode. Now, I know what you are thinking: What episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation isn’t filled with drama? Take it from me, however, this episode was extra spicy.


The crew is feeling the after effects of the Jenn and Ron situation. Angelina is keeping her distance from Jenn and Jenni is delusional about her role in the ordeal. She apparently forgot she snatched Angelina’s phone and instigated everything.

I guess it is not a lie if you truly believe your story.

angie jwoww 300x169 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E08)

24’s age is still the topic of conversation and the butt of the jokes. Ronnie and Vinny are roasting him with such one-liners as 24 needing an escort for his flight to Vegas, only being able to ingest Children’s Tylenol and Jenni keeping baby gates around her house to deter his movements.

Millennial Problems

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew heads out of the suite to drink some alcoholic beverages. Deena orders a drink and when it is not satisfactory to her, she returns it for another.

This shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Apparently, this rubbed another patron the wrong way and he injects himself into Deena’s business, as he is annoyed at her wasting a drink. Deena quickly puts him in his place while also expressing disparaging remarks about millennials and their desire for safe spaces. I would normally equate this as just another older person out of touch with the younger generation, but Angelina and Deena are millennials themselves.

Angelina and 24 Conflict

The crew is hanging out and 24 asks Angelina why her and Chris do not have intimate relations. Angelina is taken aback with his questions, as she just met him. The rest of the roommates (except Jenni) agree with Angelina’s assessment that 24 needs to pump the brakes. He is still new and has not yet earned the right to ask and joke around about such personal details.

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Deena and Angelina are bonding over champagne. they are popping bottles like they just won the Super Bowl. Ronnie visits with a special guest: Ariana Sky!

The girls immediately escape from their druken stupor and go into auntie mode.

Dinner and Drama

There is a thick tension surrounding 24 and Angelina. They extinguish their friction but the beef is tenuous at best. At dinner, Jenni explains Angelina shares so much of her personal life that Angelina should not get mad when people judge her. These two ladies engage in a back and forth spat and it is clear they do not like each other. However, the alcohol begins to flow and this makes everyone happy again.

After dinner, they meet Vinny at a club and they are all obliterated. Angelina is twerking on Jenni while Jenni is Snooki wasted. Jenni eventually passes out and 24 gets a little too familiar with Angelina, grabbing her by the waist and lightly touching her ass.

Judging by how possessive Jenni is and how much she dislikes Angelina, next week is going to be explosive!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on MTV.