Supernatural (S14E17) “Game Night” to Supernatural (S14E20) “Moriah”

Hello all, it’s been a while.

Just wanted to give a DISCLAIMER at the start of these late reviews:

Apologies for the late review of the last few episodes of Supernatural. I did watch the episodes (except for the season finale. But I watched it yesterday along with the new episode of the season) & write all my reviews just never typed them out. Life happens y’all but I’m doing my best, Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my reviews until the end of Season 15. Carry On My Wayward Sons/Daughters, cause we’re in for a ride this season~

One More Thing: I’m not rewriting what I wrote on paper around April or May of when I did these last few episodes reviews. Saves time. I just gotta read through my “writing in the dark” handwriting to my best ability. If I can’t read it or if I can and it makes no gosh forsaken sense (since I was writing in the dark while watching the episodes at the time). Then I’ll just basically summarize my thoughts of each episode. Happy listening (yes, I did audio recording again, happy listening~) 


Click on the links under the photos please to listen to my reviews.  And don’t forget to hit the “Play” button when you get to the site. 🙂


SPN 0067 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E17) "Game Night" to Supernatural (S14E20) "Moriah"

“Game Night”—LazyMe10-Review-e7a18a



SPN 1482 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E17) "Game Night" to Supernatural (S14E20) "Moriah"




SPN 1622 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E17) "Game Night" to Supernatural (S14E20) "Moriah"

“Jack In The Box”—LazyMe10-Review-e7a1ac



SPN 1571 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E17) "Game Night" to Supernatural (S14E20) "Moriah"





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