Supernatural (S15E01) “Back & To The Future”

Place your bets! The world is nearing its end! And so is the boys’ journey! 

Hang in there, you guys! This is truly going to be a coller coaster ride!

I did an audio recording of this review to make things easy on me since I’m so busy. I hope you all enjoy my review & enjoy the rest of this season. (also thank you for your patience)

Happy Hunting. ^_^


SPN 0398 300x169 - Supernatural (S15E01) "Back & To The Future"

“Back & to the Future”—LazyMe10-Review—Final-Season-of-SUPERNATURAL-e7a1h3

(P.S. Don’t forget to hit the “Play” button when you get to the page. Found out it doesn’t just automatically start playing for ya. I just wanted to let ya know.)



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