The Good Place (S04E02) “Chapter 41: A Girl From Arizona, Pt. 2”

Can Eleanor and the gang continue with their plan or will there have to be a change in leadership? Here’s a recap!

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In Part Two, after Judge grants that Chidi is the fourth subject in the experiment, Eleanor comes up with a way of getting to know their subjects: a talk show. But for Brent, it just wasn’t going so well and that they learn what he’s been using Janet for; from golfing, rides and even trying to get Janet to wear stuff for him. Eleanor and Michael go to plan b with using the same effects that make The Good Place go haywire. But that, of course, diadn’t go the way they had hope as Brent confesses to them that he doesn’t belong in The Good Place, but The Best Place.

Later the team confronts Michael that they think that they need new leadership as Eleanor shows up and walks out. Michael talks to Eleanor and gives her the encouragement to try it again; which she did. They played to Brent’s strength: getting him to believe that in order to get to The Best Place he has to do good things to add points.

After that worked, the next step is to get Chidi and Simone together, even telling him that they are soulmates. Chidi confronts Simone at the yogurt shops and gets her confidence to accept him. Later on, Eleanor and the gang reminisce of what Chidi has done for them, let alone what Eleanor too has done as well.

Also, Jason tries to do something nice for Janet by taking a lesson from Michael to give her some space. Soon Janet confronts Jason and tells him that they need to take a break and also tells him the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars cut Blake Bortles from their team, which left him depressed.

“Part two of A Girl from Arizona” was really good that had some heartfelt moments, mainly between Michael and Eleanor. With Eleanor thinks that it’s gonna be a breeze; but it turns out it gets a bit harder but realizes that if something fails, try, try again. And even though Michael is a demon, he still shows remorse and gives Eleanor the pep talk that she needed to get the next plan going.

Janet and Jason’s storyline was good, funny and even heartbroken; mainly when she tells him that Bortles was cut from his favorite NFL team. You knew that was going to hurt him the most over their break up break. The story was very good with good character development. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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