The Society: Season One Recap, Review and Theories

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of the Society ahead

After The Society is deep into filming season two, it’s time to delve deep into some theories for season two.

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The next season’s filming is now underway – set to be released in 2020

First of all let’s recap. After a mysterious smell resurfaces in the town of West Ham, it forces the town to take action and send their kids away for the weekend whilst they fix the smell. On the way to their destination, there is a storm, causing the bus driver to turn back and drop them home. However, nothing is at it seems as there is no service and it appears that they are alone in their town. As this realisation of this settles in, people react in different ways. Some resort to drinking their life away, as it could be the end of the world. Others look for a solution, researching how it could be possible. Some take control, knowing that is the only way they will survive, like Cassandra.

Thanks to Cassandra’s control, they are able to create a survival plan – with allocation of jobs, sharing houses and rationing food.  This all goes well up until Cassandra’s murder. Then we see the town begin to deteriorate: Allie is pushed into control, a patrol is sent out into the unknown, it is revealed that Becca is pregnant, Grizz begins to fall for Sam and Campbell begins to scheme against the new “government”.

The last thing we saw in New Ham was the start of chaos: Lexie and Harry are now “in control” thanks to Campbell’s actions (mainly blackmail, let’s be honest), Allie and Will are under arrest Becca just had her child, with Sam still pretending to be the father and Grizz, with the team, just arrived back from their successful expedition. To add to this chaos, the very short clip at the end of the last episode showing Elle’s dog in the other “universe”, with the camera then panning onto a remembrance board with all of the teenager’s names written on it, which sparks the question of what is actually going on?

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Some of my favourite theories of the show include: the alternate dimension theory, the purgatory theory and the kidnapping theory. The alternate dimension theory is explained as the teenagers have somehow been transported to an alternate dimension. This would explain the mysterious solar eclipse and different solar patterns to normal. The big issue that the writers have, with this theory, is how to explain it to make it not too farfetched. Although it is an “out there” theory, it would fit and explain very easily what has happened, then bringing the questions like how they did they get there? Where are they actually? Will they ever get back?

The purgatory theory is actually mentioned in the show. This theory is states that the teenagers were in an accident, thanks to the storm, and are now in purgatory, where they are being tested to see if they will go to heaven or hell. This aligns with the show’s small preview to the normal town, where they have created a plaque with all of the missing teenagers “in memory” of them, as if they have died.

My favourite theory, however, is the kidnapping theory. This links with the investigation with the mysterious bus driver and taking all of the children to take revenge on the town. If this theory was the correct one, it would mean the teenagers would be living in a bubble or a doll house (pretty little liars vibes) which he has built in order to act on his revenge. This one is the most out there as, if this were correct, then the writers would need to explain EVERYTHING, from the ability to mimic the town, to even getting into the completely isolated town, to how he managed to go through with this insane plan.

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What I really like about the show is the fresh new faces on our screens. Having a cast that are (mostly) new  to the Netflix show scene, as well as being a whole different concept from most other shows, is so refreshing to see. It also mirrors the same issues and arguments that our society has into theirs – such as how to handle criminals, the death penalty and gun laws. I think that the show highlights and faces these issues carefully and without too much bias, which is difficult to achieve.

Looking forward, The Society as a concept works well as it has settled in the teen drama genre with a twist, showing the struggles and reality of being a teenager in a very different light. The next season is set up nicely and it will be interesting  to see what happens next.