Batwoman(S01E02) “The Rabbit Hole”

Alright guys and gals we have a great episode to talk about tonight and it was really good. We didn’t get any answers from Alice as to how she survived the crash nor who saved her but we will get to some theories in a little bit. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we saw Kate/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) trying to convince her father that Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is Beth but the only one whose really wanting to believe that theory is Kate and not anyone else in the family. When Kate says she has Alice’s knife with the ruby on it one family member did find it curious Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) Kate’s step mother. But why would this worry the successful business woman? It’s not like her name would be tarnished by this discovery. Anyway it’s because of Catherine, she now has possession of the knife because of a little jump she hired men to do.

But because of this Alice is still missing her favorite knife but it’s also obvious that Alice/Beth does still remember things about the sisters past. But we also saw she totally hates the idea of being replaced by May (Nicole Kang) as number two sister. But when Alice was describing how she survived the crash there are pieces of her story that are missing like who dragged her out of the sinking car? Who twisted her head?

And this is where my theory comes in, see I feel like when that car went over that maybe Jarvis Tech aka Mad Hatter might’ve witnessed the crash and dived in to save Beth and kept her prisoner and brainwashed her brain to make her believe her name is Alice and maybe when Batman came to stop Hatter he found Beth but couldn’t tell if it was her because of all the brainwashing that it forced Beth to believe the lies and even believe her name is Alice where it drove her insane to create the perfect Alice that Mad Hatter always hoped to one day do. That’s my full theory, I know it sounds crazy but it’s a high possibility that is where the story is heading.

In this episode though we got the chance to see Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) tech skills on helping Kate’ crusade as Batwoman. And maybe he will eventually give Kate that upgrade she’s been wanting on the suit. I feel like maybe one day Luke will be more than the guy in the chair but as of right now I think that’s all he will be. Which is not a bad thing because every hero needs that guy or girl in the chair to help them out.

As for Kate and May, I think eventually they will get to a point where the two of them will be more sister like but as we saw it’s going to take lots of work. Let’s hope Kate puts in the work to do it.

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E03) “Down Down Down” airs Sunday October 20, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW