Nicola Ashcroft: Co-host of Talent Africa

Talent Africa 01 - Nicola Ashcroft: Co-host of Talent Africa
Nicola Ashcroft

Hailing from the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Singer-Songwriter, actor, dancer & recording artist Nicola Ashcroft hit the ground running in music in 2001 when she began performing at the age of 4. Since then, she has blossomed into a consummate singer and performer throughout the past few years. Nicola’s talent and drive reveal an uncommon work ethic that is sure to keep her moving onward and upward. Her immaculate voice has a transportive quality that sets her apart from her peers in modern music, and her versatility and passion show her commitment to the art. Though just starting out, Nicola has already received awards, critical acclaim, and overall positive recognition. The early list of accomplishments already includes:

  • The Industry Award, awarded by Bob Hope at Hollywood Palladium
  • Singing at the opening ceremony of the Dance World Cup in Croatia, 2012
  • Title Holder of Little Miss South Africa
  • Title Holder of Miss International Princess & Grande Supreme Talent Winner, 2015
  • International dancer; compete and took part in several shows in the United States and Europe

Nicola currently studies Cosmetology and is a qualified make-up artist. Nicola is also in New York working with accomplished music producer Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production on her upcoming EP to be released in the first quarter of 2019. Nicola is also the National Administrator for Talent Africa – A Family of Performers.

Welcome to TV Series Hub, how would you introduce yourself to our audience?

My name is Nicola Ashcroft, I’m 22 years old and I am the National Administrator for Talent Africa. I am also one of the presenters for Talent Africa – the Reality TV Series

How did joining the industry at a very young age change your life?

Being in the industry from an early age has definitely moulded me into the person that I am. It has taught me about dedication, sacrifice, perseverance and growing through failure.

What challenges have you faced when focusing on your career and studying Cosmetology?

Somatology is an incredibly interesting field and has definitely tied into my day to day life. It has, however been a challenge. Trying to balance school work and my professional life has been very trying but has, once again taught me to be disciplined with my time and work very efficiently.

Talent Africa 07 - Nicola Ashcroft: Co-host of Talent Africa
Nicola Ashcroft and Co-Host Nicho Barnard

With an astounding resume in several parts of the industry (Vocal, Dance, Acting, Instrumental & Modelling), what is it that you can’t do?

I am very camera shy. Being involved in the TV Series has forced me to get over my fear of being in front of the camera.

How was the feeling when receiving the award by Bob Hope? What has been in your opinion your best achievement so far?

I was very young, so at the time I didn’t understand the magnitude of the Industry Award. Now, looking back, I am incredibly humbled and blessed to have been recognised at such a young age. My best achievement so far would definitely be, being signed and managed by Caelum Productions LLC. Dante Lattanzi is a household name in the industry. He has changed my life and the way I perceive and work in the professional music industry. 

How did you learn several different accents?

I caught on to accents by being privileged enough to travel the world. Also, watching films from around the world helps. 

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Talent Africa – Poster

Your current project is Talent Africa, how would you describe the show?

The show is a very real, very accurate glimpse into the world of the developing performing artist. It showcases what we all have had to go through with regards to competitions, nerves, hours of rehearsals and finally, performances.

Being a part of the legacy, how did it feel bringing the show back to life?

I definitely felt a lot of pressure as I am carrying out the family legacy. But on the other hand, I feel very honoured to be representing not only what my mother has built, but also what has been a very large part of my childhood and development into my professional career.

Bringing in vast experience, what impact do you hope to achieve through Talent Africa in South Africa?

I hope that through the show and the competition we manage to provide an honest and fair platform for talent and artists of any age, nature and background to experience the stage and performing arts like never before. I hope that we can uncover the fact the performing arts is a beautiful and fulfilling field to be involved in.

Talent Africa 08 1 - Nicola Ashcroft: Co-host of Talent Africa
Nicola Ashcroft and Co-Host Nicho Barnard

What hobbies do you have on the side?

I love writing music and poems. I also enjoy ice skating and graphic design.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully, I will be a touring artist. I also hope to have released a full album or two by then. 

Thank you for joining us, how fast can you really type? 🙂

47 words per minute (206 characters per minute) with 100% accuracy. (yes, I took a test hahaha (: )

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