The Good Place (S04E03) “Chapter 42: Chillaxing”

As Eleanor and Michael’s plan to get Chidi to teach the rest of the group; they kick it up a notch. Here’s a recap!!

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Michael and Eleanor’s plan to get Chidi to teaching the rest of the group didn’t seem to go well when they see a happy and relaxed Chidi. In order to stop Chidi from chillaxing, they ask him to add Jianya to his class; but Chidi will learn that Jianyu is really Jason and panics about the new situation.

Later the next day Michael and Eleanor invite Chidi and Jason to a luau where they could also make a wish with a rock and get what they want. After having a wild night, Chidi confronts Eleanor and Michael about something that he knows he can’t tell them. As Chidi calms down, he tells them that he thinks that he’s being punished; and all of a sudden Eleanor gets emotional about it. After talking with Michael, Chidi decides to keep the secret from them and tech Jason.

Meanwhile, Tahani and Janet try to get John to expect on taking Chidi’s class; by taking to spas and tell gossip stories. But John wasn’t having it; Tahani goes a different route and tells him a true story event.

It looks like all four of their test subjects have made it taking Chidi’s class. But as they celebrate the win for the day, someone mysterious is coming riding the train tracks to The Good Place. Who could it be?

“Chillaxing” is another well written and character developed episode; with not only Kristen Bell and Ted Danson shines so bring together, but Manny Jacinto, William Jackson Harper, and Jameela Jamil did quite a bit in this episode. I loved that Jamil’s character had to give John a real story from her past in order to get him to take a class. I thought that Jacinto’s performance was very good and shines as his character is heartbroken and not the Jason we all know after breaking up with Janet. And who the hell is coming to The Good Place? I’m thinking Trevor or Mindy St. Claire. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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