Bull (S04E04) “Her Own Two Feet”

Standing on “Her Own Two Feet” is the story of Sadie, her mental health and how far someone will go in caring for someone who is and will always be their child.

It’s a family affair, when Sadie Williams (Krys Marshall)  takes her dad, Gerald, (Rob Morgan) to court to rescind his power of attorney and regain her freedom.  

The struggle  begins when, Sadie has a very public break down; a mental health challenge, in current PC language.  She was found to be bi polar. After 2 years of meds and therapy,  her sanity remains in question as well as her  ability to manage her millions

Fast forward:  Gerald, joins Sadie in a meeting with Raybury cosmetics.  This International cosmetics giant,  wants to diversify  Sadie’s line,  “Define Yourself”

The plan, in order to meet international demands,  will be their own Sadie.  The face of Sadie will look like the major ethnicity of that country.  Rayburn wants to take her model and use it. Clone it, without the founders face.  

$100M is the buy out. Gerald arranged it and has said “yes”  already. They only need signatures. They’re buying Sadie’s. company! It’s done! 

However, Sadie says “no” not without her at the helm.  She won’t agree, she won’t sign.  Poppa claims, it’s already done and waves his Power of Attorney.  And so this is what this story is  about.  “Who’s the boss?!

Across town, Chunk finally  connects with his daughter. They walk and he talks non stop.  He is an  excited and proud poppa. She cannot get a word in, so she blurts out, “I‘m pregnant”  ‘Not a surprise, is it? Who didn’t see that coming?   ‘Confirmed at 7 weeks. She cries.

Sidebar: 10:47p  yields an emergency broadcast.  A 4. 5 earthquake rattles  the Bay Area, “yes” I felt the rumble, too!  Although I missed about 5 minutes, It actually gave  me just enough  break and distraction, before the obvious “Happily Ever After” 

This wasn’t one of my favorites, there was so much predictable outcome, I could almost say the  very predictable dialogue .

I appreciate  the “never saw it coming”  It makes me smile. So surprise me!  It didn’t happen this time. 

Finally, back at TA, its after hours and the offices are dark.  Bull enters.  Marissa is crying and drinking alone. She needs help in hiring a lawyer…she’s asking for a friend.