Prodigal Son (S01E04) “Designer Complicity”

The dark depths of Prodigal Son are paired perfectly with dynamic story-lines and characters who mesh so well together. As we watch Malcolm’s unraveling, it entices the viewer to keep watching, wanting more of the madness ahead. (Spoilers)

There’s no going back

Truths have begun to make their way to the surface, along with it comes the inevitable conflict between mother and son. Jessica (Bellamy Young) and Malcolm’s (Tom Payne) relationship has been less than ideal since his father was put away. She knows much more than she is willing to talk about, but some secrets aren’t entirely black and white. Being at odds is more of a hindrance. Malcolm needs answers, one way or another he will get them, even if he is barred from seeing his father.

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An act of love? – Prodigal Son (Photo: IMDB)

Can one truly be obsessive when they desire answers to move on with their life? I believe it’s a fine line and Malcolm is doing his best to find a balance. He is in crisis, and those around him can do nothing. He can’t be saved from himself, or his other nightmares. In order to find peace, he needs to put the puzzle back together again. If only his loved ones would work with him, instead of “protecting” him.

Murder, murder everywhere

Malcolm’s specialties are needed at another grisly crime scene. Even though he is quarreling with the demons inside, he must try to silence them in order to solve another case. The separation between work and home life are starting to blur, somethings going to give, eventually. Today is not that day though, as a crime of passion sets the pace of their latest calamity.

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Letting the “magic” happen. (Photo: IMDB)

The playful banter that goes on between the “team”, breaks up the seriousness of the situation. They are becoming closer, even if they don’t realize it. Even with JT’s (Frank Harts) tough exterior, he is starting to come around to Malcolm and his quirks, just like the rest of them. Each of them brings something unforgettable to the screen, it makes for a thrilling piece of entertainment. The amount of talented actors in this series is impressive.

Family first, always

There has always been a “brashness” when it comes to Malcolm and his investigations. He has no time to dance around the truth, even if it hurts someone in the process. The latest victim was someone who was no stranger to the limelight, a popular influencer with more than one “admirer”. Who would go a step above to display her body, the way it was? It must be a mad man, someone who loves, adores and kills to show his passion. It’s twisted, but it happens in this world, which makes it even more terrifying.

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The red dress from days past… (Photo: IMDB)

When one lead ends up in the hospital, they need to start thinking outside the box. Sometimes it’s the people you are closet to that inflict pain the most. Malcolm knows this first hand, but so does Jessica. We get a much-needed flashback into her past, where she confronts Martin (Michael Sheen), making a choice between the life she loves and the right thing to do. Pain is power.

Twists, turns, and everything in between

Just when you think it’s been figured out, the story often takes an unexpected turn. This series is really good at doing just that. When the suspicious boyfriend turns out to be just another victim, the real perpetrator steps forward. Good thing Malcolm has back up. Trusting in those around you is a huge leap, but sometimes you need to take that chance. Another murder solved, thanks to Malcolm’s brilliant mind.

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The truth hurts like hell. (Photo: IMDB)

Answers are finally given to Malcolm. Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) decides to give him what he has asked for, the tapes from his mother’s interrogation the night his father was taken away. The emotional impact that one scene has, adds a greater definition to the character. Jessica thought that something was going on, but an affair was on her thoughts, not that her husband was murdering people. The heartbreaking truth and pain in her words were enough to cement her story in place. She didn’t know.

While this is going on, Ainsley (Halston Sage) is lost in her own thoughts. She was not damaged by her father and his transgressions from years prior. In fact, she has never had a relationship with him, thanks to her mother. She wants more, now that Malcolm and Jessica have both been to see him. This could be her big break, imagine, the daughter of The Surgeon getting an exclusive interview with the man himself? Life-changing, in more than one way, as we will soon find out.

A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, October 21 on FOX at 9/8c

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