This Is Us (S04E03) “Unhinged”

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine when it comes to being supportive. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode of This Is Us.


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As Kevin travels to see Uncle Nicky, he tries to help him every way that he can. We see how Nicky becomes unhinged when a few weeks back he starting seeing a therapist; but after losing her we see him throw the chair during a group meeting.

After talking with another therapist to see if he should stay or leave the VA, Kevin bonds with Cassidy’s son. But when Cassidy comes out she’s wasn’t too pleased meeting with Kevin. That all kind of changed when Kevin brings Nicky to a meeting and she happens to be there; but when Kevin tells his story; talks about how worried he is that he could be an AARP spokesperson and soon both Cassidy and Nicky laugh.

Kate realizes that something is up with Toby and after having a business dinner with him, her suspicion has grown even further. The next day she asked Toby to take his shirt off and when he did he looked pretty buffed up. He tells her that he’s been stress exercising that he heads to the gym before and after work. She’s stunned but during the episode connects with her new neighbor that complains about how they block his walking path. She learns his story that he just suffered a stroke and lost his job but he still walks around even if he walks slow. Soon the two really connected and walked together.

In the episode, we see Randall and his Chief of Staff dealing with the politics but mainly one of their employees that complains about how they run things; which lead to her firing. Jack takes the blame for a mistake and gets fired but Miguel sticks up for him.

Young Randall starts his first day of school and with all his excitement, he gets in trouble for wearing the wrong shoes and panics. Lucky for Kevin he helps Randall and writes their mother’s name on it. Later that night Kevin, Randall and Kate bonded and decided to watch Arsenio Hall with Rebecca and Jack. And Deja tells Tess that the boy that she likes has a baby.

“Unhinged” was another very good and well-written episode. I can’t get enough of the scenes with Jennifer Morrison and Justin Hartley in that scene when they were at the meeting. Also, Timothy Omundson was very good as Gregory; even surprising has also suffered a stroke years ago just like his character. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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