9-1-1 (S03E04) “Triggers”

Why does this series keep doing this to me?

It might have slowed down a bit but it doesn’t mean that it stopped being exciting – far from it. We are now dealing with all the aftermath of the Tsunami and it isn’t pretty. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also issues from past seasons that didn’t get resolved, and that’s what we are going to start tackling in this episode.

911 recap 1 1 - 9-1-1 (S03E04) "Triggers"

The episode starts out pretty great, actually. It even looks like everything is fine. It’s pretty funny, with the firs responders answering a simulation. That’s when we get introduced to Buck’s new “job” as the fire inspector. So far so good. It looks like Buck is having fun “judging” his friends, but it all changes by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile we see Maddie dealing with her own issues that weren’t resolved last season – the whole thing with her ex-husband. It all comes back when she answers a call of a possible wife abuser. Since the wife didn’t report anything, she takes matter into her own hands and starts investigating. I have to say, I’m still pretty confused with this story-line so, let’s see where this all goes in the next episode. So far she only spied outside their own and started working out with the wife so… Let’s see.

However, with all of this happening, the main topic of this episode was really family (more specifically brothers). First we see this theme with Christopher dealing with some trauma from the tsunami that, actually, turns out it’s mostly about his mom’s death more than the tsunami itself. Second we see Hen and her wife going through with expanding their family as well as thinking if their son would like to have a brother.

The episode ends with something pretty heartbreaking, in my opinion. With all that was happening to Buck, he finds out that Bobby was the one that “got in the way” of getting back to his job, as he thought Buck wasn’t ready yet. So Buck decides to do something about it – suing the city of Los Angeles and Bobby for wrongfully firing him.

This ending makes me extremely sad because I love to see that crew as a family and being friends with each other and this is for sure going to put a line between them. Not only that but I’m also disappointed in Buck because he’s not being rational and he’s acting without thinking. Unfortunately, as much as I love Buck, I’m with Bobby in this. Buck needs to come to his senses and stop being childish about it.

Please, tell us which side are you on, on this. Are you Team Buck or Team Bobby? Let us know everything in the comments and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, October 21 at 8/7c on FOX.