All Rise (S01E04) “A View From the Bus”

Will a field trip to the scene of the crime help? Plus can a lawyer trust a detective in a trial to convict a drug kingpin? Here’s a recap!

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When Carmichael orders the jury on a field trip to witness what happened during a trial; things get a bit bumpy. After everything went smooth, a raid of cops comes and instructs them to go into a nightclub building for protection due to an active shooter. Carmichael sees one of the jurors thinks that it’s the defendant’s fault.

After coming back to the courthouse safe, Carmichael interviews with each juror to see how they were dealing with the events. With taking only two jurors out; the trial continues and after what a couple of crazy moments from the prosecutor. The jurors find the defendant not guilty.

Meanwhile, Callan has a chance to take down a high profile drug kingpin but there’s a question from the detective; that has a previous history with Carmichael in the series premiere episode. Callan not only brings the question to his boss but goes to the detective that didn’t think she needed to bring her CI due to fear of his safety.

Soon Callan got to the bottom of it and got to the truth and while he got the detective’s CI to confess; but also brought in the detective and her boss in to inform him about the news. It looks like that detective will be gone within a week.

“A View from the Bus” was a solid good episode with some moments a bit predictable at times. Like when the scene was recreated for the jurors that something was going to happen. But with that were some solid good moments like Lopez and Walkins talking with her client and learning about him more and more. I enjoyed that the most out of this episode more than anything else in this story. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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