Chicago PD (S08E02) “Assets”

When an undercover job goes bad, will the Intelligence Unit suffer? Here’s a recap!

undercover work chicago pd - Chicago PD (S08E02) "Assets"

When the Intelligence Unit goes undercover to take down the Robin Hood of drug dealers; Atwater tries to play the game to get to meet Darius Walker. After a couple of bumpy roads, he finally meets but when Halstead and Upton get a call of a shooting, which leads to a couple of members of Walkers dead. When they look into the cameras that captured a car leaving the scene.

The next day as Atwater was awaiting Walker, the car shows up and when he sees who it see it just so happens to be the bartender at Walker’s bar. So Atwater and Halstead make a deal with her and her partner but what Intelligence Unit doesn’t know was that they were undercover cops too. And so the two groups work together, Atwater meets Vanessa Rajos, who’s a rookie cop on the team.

Vanessa agrees to place a wire in Walker’s office, even if she did get caught by Walker. The team learns there’s gonna be a drop-off; but in two different spots, one is for a college student delivering baked goods to people that can’t afford them. The other was where the drug drop off was taking place and they took down Walker and his associates.

But what Atwater and the Intelligence Unit finds out that Walker isn’t really what they thought he was; as he explains that he might be Robin Hood but it’s the other way around. He takes from the weak and gives it to the strongest as it goes to those that can do good in the future and Walker gets a deal with the CPD to keep what he’s doing.

Also, Ruzek is having the hardest time adjusting to life not being a cop. He even tries to help take down someone that was selling a product. Both Trudy and Voight are worried, he tries to work things with the ASA. There was a plea deal but Ruzek turned it down, but Voight got one even better for him; asked the acting intern chief and got Ruzek his badge and gun back.

“Assets” was a good episode with a fine story and good character development. Michael Beach as Walker gave a very solid performance. Ruzek really had a nice solid story and a good character development; seeing how he suffers from waiting to know what will happen to him next. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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