Mr.Mercedes (S03E06) “Bad to Worse”

Alright guys and gals we have another great episode brought to us tonight and it was good! We had part three of the trial, we had the bad guys ganging on poor Peter, and more. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we saw the next part of Lou’s (Breeda Wool) trial which was hard testimony to hear from Holly (Justine Lupe) because it brought back memories of all the people that Brady killed including Holly’s aunts. It was hard for Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) to hear the testimony because it brought back pain that he only buried and not grieved over and because of that it all came up at once.

We also saw Lou’s testimony which was a little hard to see especially since she was seeing Brady almost everywhere. I love Lou because she’s such a great character but this testimony just almost broke her from what it looked like. But the only question is, with all this testimony from two different victims of Brady that have two different ways of looking at the trauma. It’s just becoming this interesting court case but how will it all come out as the final result.

Meanwhile, Morris (Gabriel Ebert) and Alma (Kate Mulgrew) had their fun with Peter (Rarmian Newton) but at least Morris tried warning Peter about danger coming his way if he doesn’t give up the merchandise anytime soon.

But truth be told Morris did it the wrong way, he came in way too strong. Trying to already be buddy buddy with the kid instead of easing his way in as a friend or a smaritan in need or something like that. But with that car chase Morris once again came off too strong in the buddy buddy way. And because of that Morris got shot! You should’ve just left Peter alone Morris but no you are just greedy for those pages.

And can we trust Andrew (Patch Darrah) to keep with the agreement that he has made with Peter? I honestly feel like we can’t because I feel like he’s going to go against the deal at last minute and consider turning over the pages to Morris. Where then Morris and Andrew will get the money and leave Alma out of the deal. But then that would cause issues with Alma so it’s hard to say where this season will go but it’s already so interesting.

Now what do you guys and gals think the verdict will be for Lou’s case? I honestly think Holly’s testimony was enough to make it seem like a win for Lou. But that could also be the case because I’m hoping for Lou to win and be free and to live out the rest of her life happy with someone. But we all know that Stephen King doesn’t always write happy endings for his work so it’s gotta go down tragic or shocking in some way, shape or form.

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes)S03E07) “The End of the Beginning” airs Tuesday October 22,2019 at 10/9c on Audience TV