Silicon Valley Comic Con: “Cosplay is Not Consent”

“Juggernauts, Astronauts, Aquanauts” good ol’fashioned cowboys, comic books and cars, filled the San Jose convention center. It was Comic con, another one; yet the best one, in this traveler’s opinion. Its simplicity is the ticket!

They dressed up and stepped up; wading, bathing and basking  in the sea of endless imagination and fantasy.  ‘Come on down”, your archetype calls. 

However, although many are more than willing to share their creativity, with the pride of the snapshots, single, group and selfie; we must remember the courtesy of asking permission.   It’s  very easy to assume, because one is dressed up, a picture is for the taking.  Granted it can be, yet it is not a guarantee. 

Everyone is so beautiful. it’s just easy to start zooming  in and start clicking! In addition, there may be some legalities regarding images, rights etc.  I don’t know.

DSC 0356 1 300x273 - Silicon Valley Comic Con: "Cosplay is Not Consent"I’m a Sagittarius.  I think it’s awesome, when someone wants to take a picture of me and with me!  But I’m very fortunate to have a camera person, aware that everybody doesn’t feel this way. She remembers this simple act of kindness, yielding  a 99%  “yes”  making the 1% “no” , teflon   So just… “ask!” 

This  is my 2nd year in Silicon Valley and I must say, it’s becoming my favorite. ‘Not an introvert, but San Diego  can overwhelm.  And like Goldilocks,  SVCC is “just right”

I do wish “the powers that be” had kept it in  April, instead of moving it to August. Right after SDCC in July makes it too close to recover, physically and financially.  But, I’ll manage. 

See you next year. 

DSC 0434 300x200 - Silicon Valley Comic Con: "Cosplay is Not Consent"

Many thanks “Juggernaut” Roger P @hummich2 Instagram:  “Cosplay gives me life!”