Chicago PD (S07E03) “Famila”

On Rojas’ first day in the Intelligence Unit don’t go so well, could she prove the team wrong and stay? Here’s a recap!

NUP 188141 0304 - Chicago PD (S07E03) "Famila"

It’s Rojas’ first day in the Intelligence Unit and after a first day run with Trudy; Rojas and Atwater spot someone screaming for help. As they chase, Rojas gets close to the suspects but with one driving off she chases the other on foot but by the time she catches him, he dies with wounds. Voight isn’t too pleased and they look into what turns out to be a drug smuggling.

As they interview the victim Ruby; she doesn’t give a whole lot but when they go see her again they found the dead outside of her apartment. Her roommate Karla apparently works alongside with Ruby at a restaurant owned by Alexa Rivera, who uses her girls to smuggle drugs with drug dealers. But when Karla learns that Alexa had Ruby killed; she helps the Intelligence Unit to get the confessing but instead it turns into a standoff that ended with Karla stabbing Alexa, killing her.

After that Voight sees how Rojas does and after getting a report from Upton, who was partnered with her, she gives him the okay. Upton talks with Rojas that she has to work together with this unit as a family. But also tells her that she got the job and apparently a new roommate.

“Familia” was a very good episode from start to finish. Lisseth Chavez was very good as Vanessa Rojas in this first full episode. Also, Lisa Vidal as Alexa Rivera was amazing too. Good story and character development. I very much enjoyed this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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