One Chicago Crossover Event “Infection”

Last night’s One Chicago Crossover event was intense and thrilling that it felt like the Super Bowl of all Crossover events. Here’s a recap!

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The three-hour crossover event started off like any other day as the gang from Fire, Med and PD having a tailgating party outside of Solider stadium. But soon they notice a mysterious man drawing a big crowd and collapse; when they checked on him they notice his leg has been dissecting. What turns into a baffling mystery turns into a horror as not only the guy from the game but four more people (that includes a mother and her child) showing the same symptoms of the flesh-eating bacteria.

Soon as Fire, Med and PD are working an arson takes place at the University of Chicago bio-lab. Voight and the team take a foot on the case and soon Hailey finds the next victim but also had in contact with the victim with her blood on her. As Hailey is in quarantine along with everyone from that building as it’s placement zero; Will and a former colleague work together along with the scientist from the university laboratory to find a cure for this made disease. If that wasn’t enough; Goodwin is getting killed from the press as they’re just trying to put fear into the news; while those that are quarantine escape because they don’t want to be there.

But PD gets their first lead a man posing as an exterminator spraying bug spray around that apartment and Ruzek and Burgess finds their suspect, who just so happens to be working with Will at Med. Will spots the scientist destroying what work they had for a cure and attacks Will and leaves. As PD goes on the hunt, Chicago has been taking their own hands with their fears from the internet that includes attacking a local favorite restaurant.

As the suspect plays with PD, Voight turns the tables and searches history on the guy going six months; which leads to a place at the docks. There Ruzek spots a map of the next location, Octoberfest parade route but nothing happened. It wasn’t until Burgess and Ruzek find a pattern of BRT Health Corp. decided to cut the suspect’s fundings and planned to be at the board meeting that’s scheduled for that day.

As Fire and PD get there, Halstead comes with the cure; Jay locates the suspect with hostages, some being infected with the disease. As Jay talks him with him; Hailey tries to get a shot from across the building but nothing. Jay takes a risk by cutting his arm to place the bacteria, but Voight had other plans. Hailey takes a distraction shot and Voight comes in shooting the suspect dead. As all as calm down, life finds a way back to being normal in the city of Chicago.

To note: During the episode, Cruz gets awkward with Chloe and when Brett and Mouch demand answers from him; he tells them that he’s gonna pop the question. But it seems that Chloe had other plans as she calls their relationship off. Also, as the episode ends we see Ruzek asking Burgess if she would like to go with him; she does.

“Infection” was by far the best crossover event since the Fire and PD began seven years ago. I thought that they couldn’t have topped the last couple but they sure have. While watching the first 30 minutes of the first episode, it felt so much like an hour and a half with so much to take in. There were moments of fear; like when Burgess looked at the mother in the van that turned out to be alive still with the infection.

The performance from the cast was great, they really did a fabulous job. There might be a couple of technical issues; like hearing Jesse Spencer’s real voice when throwing the football, but it wasn’t a whole let down. With the intense and thrills, there were emotional moments too; from Hailey bonding with Amanda to even Trudy telling CPD officers what’s at stake. I thought I knew what television high was but after this crossover event, I know now what it feels like. Strong writing and story plot. Overall, I give this episode event a 10/10.

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You can catch Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD Wednesdays beginning at 8/7c on NBC.