Batwoman (S01E03) “Down Down Down”

Alright ladies and gentleman we we have a great episode brought to us tonight and it was really good. We have what I think might be a super villain’s origin happening after this episode, we have a new character that I look forward to have more of in the show, and we will be talking about a lot more!

So with this episode we finally got our first look at Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) who has already been making his villain route in play but the difference from comic version and television version is the comic version of Tommy Elliot blamed Bruce for all of his troubles and even tried copying Bruce’s face by killing people to reconstruct his own face to look exactly like Bruce. But it looks like in the television show Tommy’s origin as Hush starts from hating Batman and not Bruce so to have this new touch to the origin makes him becoming Hush even more interesting. It will be interesting when he does make that transition to be the villain. But Tommy going to Arkham I don’t see that ending well.

We also got a new character/love interest for Kate, Reagan (Brianne Howey) who you can tell cared about Kate just after meeting her. I’m really hoping we see a whole lot more of her in fit episodes. I can definitely see her being someone who finds out Kate (Ruby Rose) is Batwoman and ends up staying with her anyway.

I like that Kate and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) tried doing an agreement with Alice not killing anyone for twenty four seven but sadly that agreement was broken. But at least Alice was trying to do the agreement at first.

We also found out why Kate chose the color red for the wig and bat symbol it’s because of her birth stone color which is interesting. And we got the look at the bat suit that Kate used in the Elseworlds crossover which is awesome. But at least it’s getting her more ready for the crisis crossover this year.

I have to admit though, I feel bad for Megan (Nicole Kang) because now that she has Sophie (Megan Tandy) being her bodyguard twenty four seven it’s going to be hard for her to get away to be at her private illegal clinic. But I guess it is for a good reason too like what if Alice tries making a hit on Megan again. At the same time it is unfair because she has people at the clinic who need medical help. On another point it was good she wasn’t able to get away because then Megan wouldn’t have been at that party to save that woman’s life. If it wasn’t for Megan pointing out to the EMT about the head hemorrhage that woman would’ve died.

Do you think Kate will stop seeing Alice as her long lost sister sooner or later? I feel like it might be sooner but we shall see!

Next Episode:Batwoman (S01E04) “Who Are You?” airs Sunday October 27, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW