Supernatural (S15E02) “Raising Hell”

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“So, tell me about the witch?”

– Katch asking Dean while on patrol.


They surely brought back some characters & that makes me happy as hell. 🙂

My prediction for this episode after watching the promo last week: Nothing will go as planned. I mean literally nothing! All cards are on the table for this one, if Hell is going to be Raised. Then that means bullets blazing & having an incantation on speed dial. I’m ready for the madness. 


“Dean. You asked what about all of this is real? We are!”

– Castiel speaking his mind to Dean 


I just finished the episode (it’s 6pm;20th October 2019)& I have some thoughts. So here we go!

1st – I’m so happy that Kevin had his return y’all! I was squealing for joy! But here’s my issue, he was sent to Hell & not Heaven. I swear Chuck is a pain in the ass! 

2nd – Rowina, dear, stop flirting with Katch; loved the scene where they were doing “science” together. Lol.

3rd – I’m so happy that Castiel stopped holding his tongue & talked to Dean! Cause his talking with Dean made a lot of sense, it’s just that Dean is being stubborn as hell! Like for real, for real this go round! And what is he even talking about he didn’t have a choice?! He did! He did the one thing Chuck didn’t expect him to do, he put the gun down. He didn’t shoot Jack. That was Dean’s choice, not Chuck’s! Chuck was surprised & mad as hell that Dean didn’t go as he planned. If that’s not proof enough that humans have a choice, then I don’t know what will.

4th – Y’all seriously brought in Jack the Ripper on this one. I’m glad he got captured, cause if he was set loose. We’d all be fucked! 

5th- I get they’re trying to deal with the spirits in this town, since this is where it all began. But can we please PLEASE acknowledge, that ALL SEVEN GATES OF HELL ARE OPEN! Like, guys, this is only one damn gate! Others are open & probably wreaking havoc on other people. Did no one listen to Belphegor when he said, “Oh no, this is just one gate. All Gates of Hell are open. Even the Cage.” When the hell are we going to address this! When?! 

Lastly – Can I just say, Amora is savage as hell?! She doesn’t know what’s going on, she’s enjoying her best life, she’s changed, & she’s tired of her little brother’s shit. She walked out on him cause he can’t do anything! She’s a Queen, like for real!; I’m starting to think that the weapon God made was a dumb idea but at least we know he wasn’t lying about that. Cause that would is effecting his powers to the point, well, that he might not be known as anything at some point. Can there even be a new GOD to replace him? Or will this mean that other Gods & Goddesses can get their power back if people start reverting back or migrating to there families’ true religion? Before Christianity & all that. Food for thought I guess. 


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