All Rise (S01E05) “Devotees in the Courthouse of Love”

Well, last night’s episode of “All Rise” was a doozy.


wedding day all rise - All Rise (S01E05) "Devotees in the Courthouse of Love"

“Devotees in the Courthouse of Love” was a very good and unique type of episode that talked about love, truth, and having fun. Judge Carmichael not only deals with a trial of a nun being accused of stolen money from the church but in the same trial Emily had to choose between a lie or the truth. Callan deals with another round with a friendly foe, Amy, during the trial of a woman who was extortion from her many dates at restaurants.

I mention love and boy there was plenty of it. Not only was Emily dealing with her trial but dealing with how to lose her engagement ring that belonged to her ex’s mother. Callan and Amy showed signs that maybe they should be together after their trial. This all happens on a day where weddings were in the air at the courthouse; even Carmichael help wedded quickly to be parents. But also Judge Lisa Benner, who doesn’t show up till near the end, was dealing with a personal issue about love and partnership.

I found this episode very good and so well performed from this ensemble cast. The stories were so solid and unique. Carmichael’s story was fun; mainly when she’s trying to sneak out to get a muffin and learn how much it costs to be in court. Emily not only had her trial; but was dealing with trying to get her wedding ring off so she could start fresh with Watkins.

The Callan and Amy story was good; even making me think that these two are really meant to be as a couple. That’s gonna be tough with his girlfriend Katie, who would like to be married someday. And this is probably the first episode that I’ve enjoyed Marg Helgenberger; as her character deals with a personal issue that connects with the many weddings at the courthouse.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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