Prodigal Son (S01E05) “The Trip”

This aptly named episode for Prodigal Son sets the tone for the inevitable unraveling of Malcolm’s (Tom Payne) cracked psyche. The monsters are lurking around every corner, adding to the unsettled, creepy nature that keeps viewers coming back for more. (Spoilers Ahead)

Accept the chaos

Sleep has been eluding our favourite profiler, causing some questionable hallucinations to come seeping to the surface. Madness seems to follow him at every turn, and the only thing that can help him is another murder. His mind needs to refocus and he desperately needs to chase away the demons for a time. Unfortunately for him, there are no bizarre, tortured cases for him to get lost in. Good thing Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) has a soft spot for Malcolm and allows him to join them on a routine case.

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“What is he doing here?” (Photo: IMDB)

The worry for Malcolm’s mental state is on everyone’s minds, but there are bigger things that need their attention. The latest murder, in what seems to be a drug deal gone wrong, is more than meets the eye. It hits close to home for Dani (Aurora Perrineau), and we are welcomed into her world and the experiences that have gotten her to this point in life. She used to work undercover and got involved in the narcotics world, but she was saved by the man they are now suspecting for murder, Estime (Hampton Fluker).

Things aren’t always what they seem

Dani, has so many layers to unpack in this episode. Her past has made her who she is, but she almost lost it all by getting in too deep. She knows that Estime, is not the killer. While Malcolm does what he does, this one is different than his other cases. He unwittingly goes down that rabbit hole with Dani, as they find themselves in the middle of a bloody battle. She was right all along, there is more to this death than meets the eye.

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Even in madness he is helpful. (Photo: IMDB)

The case is put on hold when Malcolm is covered in copious amounts of drugs during a shoot out in the club. Dani is assigned “babysitting” duty until he comes down from his high. If you thought he was unhinged before, his insanity increases tenfold. Add that up with no sleep, it makes for a terrifying ride in Malcolm’s subconscious. His mind is trying to tell him something, and the truth is clawing its way to the surface.

Some of my favourite scenes of this episode involve the banter between Dani and Malcolm. It turns out that they aren’t as different as they once thought, there are experiences that bind them together, and isn’t that what anyone wants in this world? To realize that they are not alone? She is a force to be reckoned with and has had her fair share of unfortunate events. She’s good at keeping Malcolm in check, even if it means knocking his ass out to bring him back to his senses.

The past is the present

Sometimes revenge, pain, and love motivate people to act out of character. It doesn’t look good for Estime, all signs point to him for the murder. Especially when it seems like retribution for his own beloved dying. Luckily Malcolm is there at the ready, after a good night’s sleep (5 hours is a record!). The killer was right there all along, someone known, but with clean hands. Estime’s, beloved’s own mother. Trying to right the wrongs that killed her precious daughter.

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The ‘Prodigal Son’ dream team to the rescue. (Photo: IMDB)

No more deaths occur, thanks to some quick-acting and talking, something they are getting rather good at. In turn, Dani is able to pay a debt she owes Estime, a life for a life. Releasing him from his questionable transactions, and alluding that he is no longer in the land of the living. He is free to do what he wants now, and he can move forward just as Dani has.

Just the beginning

Jessica (Bellamy Young) has renewed her sense to do good and bring money to those who need it. There are many challenges that come with her last name, no one wants to be associated with “The Surgeons” ex-wife, no matter how much money she is offering them. A mystery woman, Eve (Molly Griggs), comes from out of the shadows, gladly accepting the hand out to aid her own cause, she is an attorney who fights against human trafficking. It seems too good to be true, and maybe it is.

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Mama knows best. (Photo: IMDB)

Something isn’t sitting well with this newcomer, it doesn’t seem right, but in a show like this, one never truly knows. Even the fact that she is able to get along with Malcolm, who is on the search for a box of belongings he hid so many years ago. A breakthrough that came with his breakdown, bringing him closer to the truth. Jessica knows she can’t protect him from himself, so she may as well give him what he wants.

The nightmares are real. It’s all real.

A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, October 28 on FOX at 9/8c.


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