This Is Us (S04E04) “Flip a Coin”

Sometimes the way to face fear is to flip a coin and go for it.

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“Flip a Coin” was another well written and well-performed episode so far this season. The episode deals with our characters dealing with issues whether it’s Kate and Toby trying to figure out if Jack is ready for baby music class, Kevin dealing with the cancellation of The Manny; also trying to help Cassidey, who’s dealing with a possible divorce with her husband, and Nicky, who’s mobile home is leaking again. 

We jump to see when Randall and Rebecca first met Beth’s mother at college. While she may not have thought that Randall was strong enough for Beth, he has proven her wrong. Even more when she sees how he helps with the family during Beth’s dance class crises. Rebecca learns a bit from Beth’s mother about moving on and after dancing with Kate decides to move out of the depressing apartment.

This was just another good and powerful episode. The ensemble cast gives a solid performance. It was moving and even at times had those good awkward moments as well that you know felt real. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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Here’s a promo for Tuesday’s episode:

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