Bull (S04E05) “Billboard Justice”

It’s “Not Cable”- Taylor; seeking “Billboard Justice” for a new found  friend, Jessica.

We have Jessica  (Angelic Zambrana) a stripper, accussing  the very handsome and very rich, Nathan Alexander (Cillian O’Sullivan) of what should be a criminal case. Rape! 

Allegedly,  the real estate mogul,  raped Jessica at a “Gentlemen’s Club”  during a lap dance.  But it is the old,  “he said, she said”  and Rape vs. Consensual case.

Following the money, the billboards and celebrity like status of the accused;  Jessica’s boss fires her. The ADA shuts it down and no charges will be filed  

After seeing Jessica, posting her flyers, “Nathan Alexander raped me” Intrigued, disgusted and convinced, Nathan is “a really bad dude”, Taylor steps in.  She manipulates an audience with TAC, that almost gets her fired,   

However Marissa, suggests a civil trial. Dani agrees to search for others and Benny is not happy!  

In other news, we have Pro Life, Pro Choice and Chunk,   He goes to church, seeking  counsel, after researching abortions. Anne wants him to go to the clinic with her. He won’t.  She blocks his calls. Ouch! 

Unbeknownst to him, he talks to the janitor and gets what he needs.  Nice.

Meanwhile, Dani talks with Nathan’s ex. wife, Beth  (Paton Ashbrook) They were married for 4 years.   

Nathan was more than generous in their settlement.  But being a taker, he took her horse.  Just because, she loved that horse!  But that’s his joy; taking! 

Beth directs Dani to Tara Atkins (Emma Kikue) their former dog walker.  Her resignation was suspect. 

This season appears to have more TAC personal stories.  I like it. It’s a pleasant  diversion from court room drama.  It’s just enough to make me care about the characters, beyond their work day.

Finally, this week,  I also got  that twist. That unexpected ending that always makes me smile. 

This time it was “A Horse’s Tale!”  that brought the justice.  I never saw it coming. Most excellent!   

Original air date, Monday, October 21, 2019 one of the weeks that the lights went out in The Bay Area.