Riverdale (S04E03) Chapter Sixty: “Dog Day Afternoon”

Hello, fellow Riverdaleites! It’s time for another review. This episode gets a bit crazy, so hold on to your seats and follow along on this adventure!

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Kevin, Archie, and Munroe making plans for the community centre. Photo from IMDB.
new beginnings and old enemies

The episode opens with Archie (KJ Apa) and Munroe (Mad Dog) (Eli Goree) at the gym. Munroe’s brother has been getting hassled, so Archie suggests they turn the gym into a community centre.  Jughead (Cole Sprouse) settles into Stonewall Prep. His roommate is none other than Moose (Cody Kearsley). He came to Stonewall Prep to get a fresh start. He now goes by the name Marmaduke.  Moose also tells Jughead to be wary of Bret (Sean Depner). Veronica (Camilla Mendes) is feeling conflicted about changing her last name. The gang meets with a town official about the community centre. It’s going to take a lot of work and money to fix the place up.

Betty (Lil Reinhart) and Charles (Wyatt Nash) continue The Farm investigation. They send a guy to infiltrate the place, but he ends up getting shot. Things are getting serious. At the Blossom home, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) are hearing noises. So is Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace). They are worried about her. The gang decides to hold a carwash to help raise the funds needed for the community centre. Edgar (Chad Michael Murray) contacts Betty. He gives her a list of seemingly impossible demands seh has to do or her mother and sister will be killed.

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Veronica and Kevin playing with suds at the car wash. Photo from IMDB.
taking matters into her own hands

Jughead has another saloon session. He decides to speak his mind and gives Bret’s story some constructive criticism. This annoys him, and he gets angry at Jughead. After the saloon, one of the other students takes Jughead aside and warns him about Bret. Toni hired a caretaker for Nana Rose, and Cheryl is annoyed at first, but takes it in stride and informs him that he is never to go down the chapel. It is forbidden. He agrees.

Betty is with Charles when Edgar calls again. Charles tells her to stall. Betty asks for the release of a hostage. Polly (Tiera Skovbye) walks in and she is armed with a bomb. There is a dead man’s switch. They have a minute to disarm the bomb. Charles walks Betty through it, and she is able to diffuse the bomb at the last second. At Stonewall, the usual saloon has been moved to the evening, and the students were to write their own ending to a mystery story provided to them. 

Munroe becomes increasingly worried about his brother, who has gotten caught up with the wrong crowd. Archie is able to talk him out of going to fight the gang leader. Taking matters into her own hands, Betty enlists some help from Veronica and Toni to meet the list of demands. She is able to procure everything and drives up to the farm headquarters. She asks for her mother’s release, but Betty is knocked unconscious and they take her inside.

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Betty gets a call from Edgar. Photo from IMDB.
should we stay or should we go?

While writing their stories, Bret tries to get under Jughead’s skin with cheap and petty insults. Jughead doesn’t rise to the bait but eventually tells Bret that his father had improved his lot in life. Veronica comes home to a surprise. Hiram (Mark Consuelos) is in the study. He tells her how disappointed he is that she is changing her last name. Mr. Lodge then reveals that his real name was Jaime Luna and that he had become a Lodge and was not born into it. He tells Veronica he now understands his father’s rage when he had told him he wanted to change his name.

Archie and Mary (Molly Ringwald) have a conversation. She wants to move back to Chicago. She insists it is not safe in Riverdale. Archie is adamant about staying to get the community centre up and running. They have an argument about it. Archie is determined to make a difference. He disguises himself and heads over to the arcade and proceeds to confront the gang leader and his cronies. Archie then takes out his bat and beats them up.

Veronica visits Mary. She gives her the money needed for the community centre repairs. At first, Mary refuses the money, but Veronica talks about how she believes in Archie and what he is doing. This resonates with Mary. Jughead and Bret’s stories were not up to par at the saloon, which makes things worse with Bret. Betty wakes up and finds she is tied up next to Alice (Madchen Amick). Alice tells her Edgar is building a rocket. Evelyn (Zoe De Grand Maison) is going to drive the rest of the Farmies off a cliff as a distraction. They plan to tie Alice and Betty to the front of the bus as ‘shields’.

more than one type of rat

When Cheryl discovers her brother has been moved, she is incensed. She freaks out when a rat crawls out of him. She yells at the caretaker and promptly fires him. Betty and Alice are able to get out of their bonds and they make their way out of the Farm. Evelyn finds them, but they knock her out and put her in the room they were held captive in. Outside, Betty starts herding people onto the bus. Alice goes to confront Edgar on the roof. Words are exchanged and the guns come out. Betty hears gunshots and runs up to the roof. Her mother is standing there, still pointing the gun that she shot Edgar with. Edgar is dead.

Mary visits Archie at the gym and offers her help. She says she plans to stay in Riverdale for the foreseeable future. Veronica visits her father in prison. She informs him that he has changed her last name to ‘Luna’. Toni finally discovers the body of Jason in the chapel. Both Cheryl and Toni realize that there is indeed a rat problem.

Bitter about the saloon, Bret exposes Moose’s past. Moose is extremely upset. Jughead now knows it’s going to be a game of psychological warfare. Jughead tells Betty all about it when he comes home for a visit. The doorbell rings and when Jughead goes to answer it, they find a bag containing a VHS tape.


Well, that was an interesting episode. I see we are going back to the more cerebral plot lines again. Did anyone else find the scene with Alice and Edgar anti-climatic? With all the hype about the farm, you’d think it would have been a bigger deal when it ended. Of course, there is the possibility that Edgar isn’t actually dead, and is now in hiding again.

It was interesting how the car wash was more focused on the male physique. How many car wash scenes are there with the girls in their bikinis prancing about? I felt it was a nice change of pace. And you know, the eye candy was great too.  XD

I am curious to see just how conniving and nasty Bret is going to get. I feel like he is potentially dangerous and even possibly deadly. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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