Van Helsing(S04E05) “Liberty or Death”

Alright guys and gals we had a really good episode brought to us tonight and it was really good. We had answers brought to us about Violet and Jack’s origins, we are reminded once again that Jolene can be a badass. We have a lot to talk about so let’s get to this review!

So in tonight’s episode a big reveal was made and even I didn’t think of this as a possibility of how Violet (Keeya King) and Jack (Nicole Munoz)  were created. Apparently that one doctor Abigail had taken eggs from what it sounded like was from Scarlett and Vanessa that were taken from them when they were kids. Because of this Hansen (Neal McDonough) took sperm donations and the Dark Ones blood to create the “perfect” Van Helsing’s when it’s not true we all know Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is the perfect Van Helsing.

But now that we know the truth about Violet and Jack, what does this really mean? Does it mean that it will take the two lab created Van Helsing’s and Vanessa to destroy Dracula once and for all? Or will the two sisters betray Vanessa at one point? What ever happens it’s gonna be interesting.

And this episode reminded us all why we love Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) even if he’s now an Elder vampire, he brought a grade a creepy factor to this episode. Just when we thought Sam couldn’t make anymore songs very creepy sounding we get reminded that he surely can. Sam in my opinion has had such an amazing story arc in all four seasons but season four has brought one thing back and that’s the creepy factor and stalk-ish ways that we’ve kind of missed. But what will Sam’s obsession towards Violet bring to the table? All we know is Sam is definitely interested in Violet.

We also saw into Axel’s (Jonathan Scarfe) plan to help out Jolene (Caroline Cave) and Phil/Flesh (Vincent Gale) even though it was working at first. Bringing Max (Richard Harmon) the alcohol and then planning to blow him up would’ve been good if the guy would’ve died by that gun shot that Jolene did to him. It seems like a lot of people have that can’t die factor upon them including Max who I personally feel is definitely a psychopath. I mean why did Max take Jennifer (Holly Elissa) and her son? Is to use the two of them as bait or is there a deeper connection between them?

I think it’s interesting though that Hansen is really a vampire, one that has been around longer than some of the others. But it also explains why he’s so hell bent on helping get the Dark One or who we can call Dracula released. And he went out of his way to eliminate some who questioned his motives like  Avery (Anna Galvin) poor Avery didn’t stand a chance being sacrificed as a snack to Michaela (Heather Doerksen)and the others. Rest in Pieces Avery you really were one of the good guys who bit the dust.

Next Episode:Van Helsing(S04E06) “Miles and Miles” airs November 1, 2019 at 10/9c on Syfy